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If I remember correctly you had your wedding band custom made at the LA jewelry district right? Was there a particular jeweler you used? It looks like my band may have to be custom made to fit with my engagement right but I don't want to spend a fortune! Did going to the LA jewelry district save you a lot?
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    Hi Sassy. Yes, we did get our bands made in LA. It saved A LOT of money. The matching wedding band to my e-ring was $2700! Um, yeah...not going to pay that. My custom ring in LA was only $900. That was with platinum and all the diamonds...which are actually larger than the ones on my e-ring. The jeweler knew my e-ring was designer so I'm sure he was able to charge a little bit more because he knew I didn't want to spend the cash on the designer band. Also, we didn't even try to wheel and deal with him on the price. So, we probably could have gotten it even cheaper had we asked. My ring turned out amazing! FI's had to be sent back (cause he mails them to you after they are done) twice because it wasn't the vision FI had. FI got his custom made as well. All in all, I would highly recommend him. He rocks and we will use him for years to come.

    We went to George from The Diamond Outlet...Booth #26. (Make sure you go to the correct booth because there are hundreds). 213-614-8606. 606 S. Hill, LA 90014.

    Tell him Bre and George (my FI's name is the same as the jewelers) sent you =)

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    Thank you! We'll be heading to the jewelry district on Saturday!
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