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Weight loss

I have 4 stone to lose by sept 24th 2013 when I get married in Gretna green , uk. Is it possible to lose this weight and tone up in this time and how much exercise should I be doing a week HELP!

Re: Weight loss

  • There's a Getting in Shape community on TK.  Look on the left of this screen. They'd have some good ideas.  How much does 4 stone = ?
  • I'm getting married on September 1st.  January 3rd I joined weight watchers and have lost 38 1lbs.  Hope to lose at least 7 more before my wedding.  Safe diet and I never feel hungry. 
  • Me and my sister (who just had a baby) both lost a lot of weight on Ideal Protein which is through our chiroprators office.  What I liked about it is that they do not want you to eat their food for the rest of your life and there is accountability (every week I was weighed and measured).  There are 4 phases and by phase 4 you are eating all real food.  It taught me to eat healthy and to understand how food works as fuel, good carbs/bad carbs, portions, etc.  I have been on my own for over 2 months and have not put the weight back on and I really think it is because it helped me create a lifestyle change.  I also started exercising which I am sure is what is also helping to keep it off.  Because I am someone who tells people what to do all day I needed a diet where someone told me what to do.  At the end of the day I am too tired to think for myself...lol
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  • I started myfitnesspal.com. Just wanted to tone up and lose about 20lbs before my Oct. Wedding. I have lost 5lbs in 3 weeks and I can eat anything but find I really pick better choices. I also work out for 30 to 35 mins, 5 times a week and walk with FI three or four times a week. Just find something you like to do and that works for you. I agree with the other brides in that you don't want a fad diet but need to make health choices. Good luck and thanks for the lesson on the Stone. Never knew that. 
  • I'm using myfitnesspal.com too and have lost 10 lbs in a month by just eating healthier, drinking more water and walking every other day. My biggest challenge is going to be to just maintain once I have my dress fitting next week. I would love to lose more weight before the wedding but I want my dress to fit me perfectly come October! Good luck. You can do it!
    Just my two cents! Penny L G M
  • I agree with the PPs, and would add one other easy step: Writing down what I eat and drink every day has been an amazingly effective thing for me. I'm exercising a few days a week (I'm training for a full marathon, but using the Jeff Galloway method, which keeps your speed and your mileage way down, so it's NOT a way to lose weight unless you're also careful about eating the right things). But I started writing down what I was eating and ROUGHLY calculating the calorie count, and I dropped a pound a week for the next few weeks. I'm not getting out my measuring cups and I don't have a food scale, but I'm probably close in estimating amount of food and calories -- I'm definitely not pouring out half a box of cereal and calling it a serving! I had my dress fitting (it fit!!) and then stopped writing down what I was eating, and poof, those 3 pounds came right back over the next two weeks through a combination of calories and salt intake. So keeping a food journal may be my new thing. Research studies have shown that people who write down what they eat (even if they DON'T caluclate the calories) eat 10% less than people who don't....

    So, I've got a month til my wedding, and I pick up my dress on August 15. I need to enter the last two days' meals and snacks, but I'm back on it. Gotta be....

    Good luck to you.
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    For those who want to lose weight healthy and quick, Medifast is highly recommended. I lost 25 pounds in a month. My sister lost 40 in 3 months. It's a diet that a lot of physicians have put their patients on and has been around for years. 

    I have some  Medifast for anyone interested in buying it! I lost my 25 in one month and now have over a month's worth of food left. I can post a pic of what food I have. Let me know! :)

    Weight Watchers is a great program. Medifast is more for people who want to lose weight quickly - after three days on program you go into a fat burning state. So again, it's quick weight loss. By the way, just joined today to read the forum NOT to post this. But I was reading the thread titles and saw this so I posted about my Medifast. I can't recommend it enough. Truly the fastest way to lose weight safely without losing muscle tone. Which is big for me since I'm 49.

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