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Got Wrinkles Tips

I love these tips by Rodan and Fields Dermatologists! 

Of course everyone ages, but the way in which your skin ages is very much under your control. Here are 4 lifestyle changes you can start to make right now:

1. Get your beauty sleep…on your back. Over time, a nightly face plant into your pillow will cause those pillow creases to become permanently etched into your skin. Train yourself to get off your side and sleep on your back.
2. No smoking, or quit if you do. It makes you look a decade older than you actually are. Smoking breaks down collagen, impairs wound healing and restricts blood vessels, resulting in sagging, sallow and course skin.
3. Don’t drink from a straw. The puckering associated with drinking from a straw has been observed to increase wrinkling around the lips.
4. Keep those eyes covered. Sunglasses are a must, everyday, no matter how cloudy it is.
5.  See what skin solution regimen is best for you: 

Re: Got Wrinkles Tips

  • I recently started using L'oreal's age perfect golden balm..and I am so happy with the changes in my face :)
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  • Yes! I usually sleep on my left side, and my face shows it.
  • Here's my favorite... but I've never been brave enough to do it...the wedding might just be the catalyst I need to actually follow through...

    I heard using hemorrhoid cream can reduce bags under my eyes. Is that true?”Answer: Yes. Bags are caused by loss of elasticity in the skin. Luckily, hemorrhoid creams help tighten skin temporarily by constricting the blood vessels in the skin and reducing the swelling that causes bags under the eyes.

    I’m concerned about wrinkles on my face. I don’t want to get Botox or go with fillers. Is there a natural alternative?”Answer: Yes. There are lots of natural ways to help with reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Try peptide creams. They get through the surface of the skin and plump up collagen, the protein-rich connective tissue that gives shape and support to many tissues, including the skin, to give your face a more youthful look.

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