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Hi Everyone!

I guess you can say I am new.  I joined the knot when my son got married last year, but started lurking again when I got engaged in December.  I am 43 and my Fiance is 55. We are getting married on Oct 13, 2012.  We have both been married before.  I originally expected us to elope or have a tiny ceremony, but we are now looking at 40 guests, a church ceremony and a nice reception.  The planning has me excited but a bit frazzled!!
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Re: Hi Everyone!

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    Welcome to the board.  Congrats on your engagement and Happy Wedding Planning!! :)  It is an exciting time for sure. 

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  • Welcome and congratulations!  40 is a really nice number of people.  We had around 45 - 48 guests and had a great time.  You have plenty of time to plan, just take it one step at a time.  And when you're ready ... post something about your shoes.  Because, really, it's all about the shoes!

    Voila ...

  • Welcome ladydaisy, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.  Happy planning!!!
  • Congratulations!!!  You and I have the same wedding date!!! It feels like I picked the date so long ago and now I am kind of freaking out a little bc its almost May!!!  
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  • Thank you so much for the warm welcome everyone! 
    I havent picked my shoes yet.  I am dying to go shoe shopping! 

    The dress I bought was a sample dress.  I got a tremendous deal!! It will need to be hemmed even with the highest heels, so I am going to just find the perfect shoes and hem the dress to work with the shoes.

    Oneday12, I am freaking out too!!!   My fiance thinks we have so much time and wonders why I am in such a rush to make decisions and get things done.....I think we have so little time and we need to get it huurrrryyyy!  LOL 

    I think the cake will be just a small one.  Does everyone do an extra layer to save the top layer?   We are planning cake testing in the next couple of weeks. 

    Lucyhc and dotdash, here are my 4 legged babies--

    This is the real Lady Daisy, my Chinese Crested Powderpuff:

    And this is Jasmine, my Hairless Chinese Crested:

    I also have 4 kids, the youngest of which is 17, and my fiance also has a 22 yr old son. 

    We are doing a church wedding, which I am very excited about and we then also found such a nice place for our reception.  

    I feel crazy to be so excited over a wedding at my age!!  Laughing

    Counting the days until I marry the man of my dreams. Wedding Countdown Ticker
  • Congrats, I'm new as well feeling my way around. I thing I know for sure any one who loves cake and shoes can't be all bad. I know I'm in the right place.HAPPY PLANNING!
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