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Single digits!

WOHOOOOO I am in the single digits baby!  Get hair trimmed and colored tomorrow. Massage Wed. Body detox wrap Thursday, Airbrush tan Fri. Rehearsal Sat, and BAM, wedding day baby. Then the next morning, we fly to Maui and stay for 10 glorious days!

Can you tell I'm excited? lol

Re: Single digits!

  • What goes into the body detox wrap Karen?

    Maui -- in my dreams <sigh />
  • Never had one before, but site says a Chi Herbal formula.
  • How awesome it must feel!!!!  And you must give us the deets on your airbrush tan.  I'm having one done too and have no idea what to expect.  I have 2 colors pasty or lobster.  It's the one thing I hate about being a redhead.  

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  • At least you have two colors beach - I have one and it's called tuberculin white.  Sherwin Williams was even going to mix a special batch and put it on their paint color wheel.
  • I have white, red, and freckled LOL - actually I do tan somewhat, and I am worried about tan lines.
  • I did a pre trial tan for my shower and bachelorette party. I wasnt going to risk doing my first time 2 days before the wedding. Its great. All over, the color you want and my tech is even adding silver shimmer to the spray for my wedding. I will post kinda before and afters

    Before, and also my Makeup Pretrial

    After, at my Bachelorette Party

  • Wow, I can't wait, sounds awesome. We included the $60 per person snorkling to our Honeymoon Registry. So most likely taking that one. Also going to do a Luau.

    Thank for the advise :)
  • This time will fly by!!  Glad to see that you are so excited!  Enjoy your last few days before the wedding! 
  • You have some awesome knockers Karen........just sayin' (and not in a creepy way either LOL)
  • LOL thanks.... lol They were a gift from my Fi 2 years ago. I went from a 44DD to a very saggy 34C after losing all my weight, so we wanted to PERK em up lol
  • YAY!  Enjoy every bit of your countdown.  Maui sounds like a dream. 

    Love is the ultimate superpower.   
    It can make you weak and strong simultaneously.  

  • You ladies crack me up, lol
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    [QUOTE] Just a note that my FI got carsick on the road to Hana as it is 3 hours of non-stop short, sharp turns. I was driving and loved it though and the black sand beach at Waianapanapa state park is amazing (watch out for jellyfish).
    Posted by spikeinc[/QUOTE]

    I loved the day trip to Hana!  I agree the black sand beaches - and going hunting for waterfalls is one of my fave memories of my Maui trip.

    We also went horseback riding into Haleakela (sp?) - many ride bikes down - we rode into the crater - it is like being on the moon!  (sunscreen is crazy important though - i had a hat on - and got a stripe of sunburn across my face and my lips were torched!)
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    [QUOTE]You have some awesome knockers Karen........just sayin' (and not in a creepy way either LOL)
    Posted by Marrin713[/QUOTE]

    I was gonna say this!!!
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    [QUOTE]You have some awesome knockers Karen........just sayin' (and not in a creepy way either LOL)
    Posted by Marrin713[/QUOTE]

    THIS...I AM SO JEALOUS...NOT IN A CREEPY WAY EITHER!!!! But the last time i was on here you had a nasty respiratory infection...are you okay...did our remedies help?  Girl, you sound over the moon about things and I am so happy for you...you must give us all the details when you get back...

    Praying EVERYTHING goes well...
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  • AWW needle, thank you. Yes I am feeling a lot better. No signs of any of the previous symptoms except for an occasional cough.

    I am very happy, and he has made it possible for me to have the wedding of my dreams. I will be back before you know it, with pictures, and advise for all you beautiful brides to be. :)
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