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Non - MOH ?

Okay so my very best friend in the whole world and business partner is being the only person in our wedding.  She doesnt want to be called the MOH bc she isnt really going to stand up there with us and FI's family will be all dramatic if I have someone in the wedding and he doesnt have at least one of his brothers.  So...to get around it we arent calling her the MOH.  She will walk down ahead of me & my flower girls bc she is going to walk down with the ring bearer, her almost 3 year old son.  She will aslo bring us the rings and take my bouquet when we exchange them.  She is my planning partner for all things wedding and she will be one of the witnesses to sign our marriage liscense.  (This also gives her a great excuse to splurge on a new awesome dress & shoes that her hubby cant complain about.)  Wink  Anyhow...the point of my whole long story is this...what should we call her or should we call her anything? We are doing programs and I wanted to say something about her on them.  She would be the only person other than our daughters and the ring bearer.  FI is going to escort all the female relatives to their seats himself so we arent having ushers or anything (the wedding portion will have under 50 guests).  
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Re: Non - MOH ?

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    Tough one, I'm calling my MOH 'best woman', but that won't help you I guess.
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    It sounds like she's technically an attendant. Do you think "bridal attendant" would offend FILs? Or you could do something like "Ring Barer, Tommy Smith, Assisted by his mother, Sally Smith". The latter doesn't honor her as much, though, and it sounds like she is playing enough of a role that you should honor her with some kind of special thanks or call out in your program.
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