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Want to look like a bride!

I am 50+ and planning my 1st wedding.  I have found a floor length white strapless satin dress that is MY dress.  I thought about a hair ornament but I really think I might like a short, cute veil.  Would a veil be silly for a gal my age?  Thanks for the advice.

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  • Nope. Have fun!
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  • I was 56, and my wife was 41, when we got married, and we both wore veils.
  • I got married for the first time in August 2011 in my mid 50's. From the picture below you can see I felt no shame in looking like a bride, LOL.
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    [QUOTE]I am 50+ and planning my 1st wedding.  I have found a floor length white strapless satin dress that is MY dress.  I thought about a hair ornament but I really think I might like a short, cute veil.  Would a veil be silly for a gal my age?  Thanks for the advice.
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    Silly? I think not!!!!!!I I am 47 and will be a first time bride this summer. I just ordered my dress and veil...i may possibly even wear a tiara! my dress is also strapless. It is YOUR day. You have to wear what you like and feel comfortable in. So if you want the veil then go for it!!!!!
  • Thanks for the comments.  I think I will try one on when I pick up my dress.  My maids think I am crazy.  The problem is my hair is sort of natural curly and not quite chin length.
    This is not me but the veil I like.
    #87044 - Two Tier 21" Beaded Raw Edge Veil
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    I was 49 when I got married (my first). I wore a veil. I even had a 2 tier which I was not intending to get but this was the one I liked the best with my dress. Age should not stop you from having the wedding you have always dreamed about.

  • What a beautiful dress, hutchsl.  I am almost convinced!!
  • I love the veil you picked out,it will look great with short hair! Congrats on finding your gown and veil! I am getting married in a gown that is "ice blue" the problem is they do not make blue veils that I can find anywhere :(
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  •                               Judith, this is my wedding gown.Sorry pic is so small,I have to work on that.

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  •  Oh no! Definitely not! I am 51 and marrying for the first time in July. I always dreamed of wearing a gown with a train and even had a picture of it on my pinterest board. I actually had family trying to convince me to wear a plain dress or some frumpy suit, but in my heart I knew what I wanted and it was my day after all. So I went for it! There's nothing wrong with wearing a veil, so go for it! Over 40 doesn't mean dead - it means alive and well - and living our lives on our terms! I hope you find the most beautiful veil ever and you have a most beautiful wedding!
  • Love your ice blue dress, I agree may be easy enough to have it made.  For sure, all comments posted here have helped me a bunch.  I will post a pic when I get it and can try it on!  Thanks much gal pals,
  • GO FOR IT! It's your wedding and if you feel wearing nothing but leaves and flowers as a headdress you can do that as well. You are getting married, everything else are just details!
  • Wear what you want.  I am a second time bride and 40 years old.... and I am wearing mint green, but that is because it is my favorite color.  Be HAPPY!!!
  • I'm a first time bride and not only will I wear a veil, but it will be CATHEDRAL length! I don't get why being older would mean we are any less of a bride. Enjoy your day! There is no expiration date on being in love.
  • Go for it! I am also an older firs time bride and I felt stupid when the store attendant put a veil on me. Now I am working with a hairstylist to make the hair, veil and dress come together as my style.
  • Ugh toss out those "rules". They are outdated and do not apply anymore.
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  • I agree with your thought process, try on different styles of veils from traditional, short & cut or even a bird cage to just a cute hair pin when you go back and have your dress on. The bridal shop I'm sure would be happy to help show you different options so you can determine which type of head piece give you the look & feeling you want for your wedding day.
  • Go for it!  I think it depends on the dress....not your age!  It's your day sister...wear what you want!
  • If its what you want- GO FOR IT!! :-)
  • Coming from a 27 year old bride.... it is YOUR day and there is nothing about age that makes you less of a bride to do anything brides my age do. Go for it!
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    The great thing about being an older bride is that you don't have to ask anyone's permission to do what you want. If you want a veil, by all means wear one. I love the idea. I read on one of the other forums here that second-time brides should not wear veils. If I get married to my boyfriend I will be likely be over 40 AND a second-time bride. I will not be following any of those rules, I'll tell you that much.
  • HEY!  IM 44 AND I AM WEARING A VEIL.. ITS YOUR DAY .. DO WHAT YOU WANT.. and have fun and laugh and love!! 
  • You're never too old to wear a veil on your wedding day. Have fun and enjoy your special day :) Congrats!
  • I was over 50, too and my best advice to you is whatever you feel comfortable in. There is no right or wrong here. This is YOUR day (and your hubby-to-be), but first and foremost; enjoy it and make sure you do what YOU choose!
  • I don't think so. I'm 38 and just now going back to school and just got engaged last year. I say do what makes you happy!
  • That doesn't sound silly, it sounds really cute!
  • Closed! Thank you @KatWAG !
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