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which makes more sense?

hi ladies... I wasn't sure where to post this, but you all seem so reasonable and wise Iso 'll start here :)

Ok, so our wedding is in 2 weeks and 2 days! (yikes.. still a lot to do!!).  We're having the ceremony and reception at the same venue, with only a cocktail party and dinner.... no dance afterwards.

We origionally thought that to keep things shorter we'd have the speaches in between the dinner courses:

first dance
cake cutting (formaility only for photos)
soup course
MOH speech
salad course
BM speech
parents of the bride and groom
us wrapping things up/thank you's etc
then just mingling and leaving

Would this be awkward?  Would it be better to have just eat the meal and then have all the speaches together at the end?  Ugh.. I can't think about this stuff anymore and have no idea which makes more sense anymore.     Any suggestions would be appreciated! :)
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Re: which makes more sense?

  • Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    It feels rather choppy.  And, since there is no dancing (why is there a line which reads "first dance"?), I'm not sure what "parents of the bride and groom" means.  If I were you, I'd take a step back and think of this as a dinner party which is being kicked off by your wedding.  How would you manage the flow?
  • It does seem kinda choppy, but I like that not all the toasts/speaches are together.  It can be long and boring if everyone speaks at one time.
  • Oh, I like them spaced out. Makes sense to me. There's a lull between courses where the servers will be swapping out the stuff and it's hard to talk at the tables anyway. It would be nice to have something going on then to focus on instead.
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  • I would gang the MOH and BM speech at the same time, rather than separate those two. And for the parents, do you have a sense of what they're going to say? If it's more a "welcome" speech, I'd put theirs first; if it's more a toast, then it's fine where you have them.

    FWIW, I've seen "first dances" even when there's no other dancing -- in fact, DH and I did that at our very small wedding. We had one dance together, but no other dancing during the day. But I've seen it at other weddings too.
  • I like the speeches between courses for the reasons Mem and Coralee gave. 
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  • vexievexie member
    HI ladies!

    Yes, my fiance and I will be having our first dance together as a married couple however that will be the only dancing of the evening.

    Both sets of parents would like to give speeches at the reception.  They are not hosting the wedding so it will not be a welcome speech.. more of a 'we're so proud of you'  'welcome to the family' kind of speech. 

    I agree that the MOH and BM could do theirs at the same time since both have said they'd be short and sweet :)

    Thanks for all the input!
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  • I like the way you have it set up, but I agree with the BM/MOH speeches together. 

    I am thinking FH and I will have a first dance also as the only dancing - we will be sorting out alot of the logistics this weekend.
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