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Caterer & budget

I've been searching for a caterer.  What is with some of them?  A few weeks ago I contacted 2- gave details and neither returned my call (I did not mention budget).  So, I went back on the hunt.  Found this awesome place, looks to be anyway.  It's a cooking school. They have a lunchtime cafe and a bakery.   The chef called me right back and was ready to tackle the challenge, heavy apps for an open house of  people coming & going...around 80, but I only expect 60 or less (lots of out of towners or people I know just wont come) He said he could easily work with my budget of $500 and I'd have a proposal by next week. Amen!!! And he has lots of apps.  Now granted, I may end up with PB & J but at least hes willing.  LOL!  He'll give me a set list of apps but I can change them - with a price change I'm sure.

If you'd like to look at the list and give me your thoughts of what you'd want.   I'm a true midwestern girl - the closest I come to foreign food is chicken fried rice and I hate seafood so...maybe ya'll can help.  I do know that he suggested shrimp so that's a yes on the menu already.  (might be sandwiched between the PB & J)


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Re: Caterer & budget

  • It all looks so yummy!
  • OMG!!!  It all sounds yummy!!!  You can't go wrong with the skewers, anything with bacon in it is usually tasty, the meatballs are pretty safe too and most people will like them.  I don't like seafood either, but you should have 1 or 2 seafood options, depending on many different appetizers you are planning on having.

    Now I need to go make my breakfast cause my tummy is growling after reading all those choices!!
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  • I really want that choc covered bacon. LOL!
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  • Yummmmmmmmm.........BACON................
  • Vegetarian voice here: potato bites + mushrooms = yum!

    Spinach + artichoke dip = excellent.

    But I find that lots of people who aren't veg will like those things too.

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    First...the fact that he is so willing and second the menu is HUGE is awesome...you dont get that many choices when you are paying top dollar!!!

    I love shrimp..so I would immediately look for that...gotta have atleast one shrimp thingy...i dont like mushrooms...but most people do...so I would get that too...

    Most people are not aware that cooking schools are a great alternative to the high cost/drama caterers.  They are more flexible and eager for the challenge...it helps the students with their internships and they are very eager to 'get it right' while established caterers--especially those that have been mainstreamed--give you a take it or leave it attitude, and then they are off to the next bride.

    Make sure you make your guests aware that the 'school' did your food...maybe a blurb on the menu or program...it would be a nice gesture.
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