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Not cool man, not cool

I am 14 days from my wedding and Maui honeymoon. I go to the Urgent care today, and I have a Respiratory Infection and walking Pneumonia. Nice!

He gave me a Pneumonia shot (I have no spleen) and double dose Antibiotic shot and some antibiotics to take for the next 14 days and an Inhaler.

Not like I am busy finalizing my wedding or anything. Grrrr lol

Re: Not cool man, not cool

  • Aw shite!  Not cool indeed
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    Oh my!  Please take care of yourself.
  • Good grief!

    That is really bad timing. Rotten germs.
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  • Oh no--that stinks!!!  Please take care of yourself.  Hopefully, with the antibiotics and shots you will be feeling better in no time.
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  • aaawww...so sorry to hear that!!!  Keep up with the med and try to get plenty of rest.  Hopefully you'll be feeling great before the wedding!  : )
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  • Drink PURE 100% Cranberry Juice (not juice drink!)...especially if you can get it from the Healthfood store.  It will not cause yeast infection (like the drugs) and it is a natural antibiotic. 

    Sorry about that...
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  • Awwww...I hope it clears up soon.  Sorry this is happening to you at all much less two weeks out from your wedding.  Take care of yourself and try your best to avoid any stress that could aggravate your condition.  Hoping for your health to improve QUICKLY. 

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  • Soooo very sorry.  Respiratory stuff is the pits because it sucks the life out of you.  Just what you don't need.  I hope you'll ask for help from your friends and take it as easy as you can, so you can rest up and have a great wedding day.  Take care.
  • Thanks ladies. Luckily I am right on schedule with the planning. All DIY done, just meeting with DJ and venue and photographer this coming wed and thurs. So I can take it easy and rest. What stinks is I don't really feel bad just get in bad coughing fits and can't breath.

    I am sure I will be fine. I have no choice lol

  • Take care of yourself!!!!
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