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Bride Excitement

Hey y'all!  I have been on TK for sometime but I just started reading these posts and wanted to say I was glad to find y'all.  I have had a little disappointment lately bc planning my own wedding no one really seems interested.  Calling my mother is like calling the Ebenezer Scrooge, my MOH has a lot on her plate with her family and a recently diagnosed with cancer parent and I can hardly be demanding of her (and she lives out of state). My FI is trying but his enthusiasm is at minimum and his knowledge of this kind of an event is non existent!!  This is a man that when I told him ALL the flowers for our wedding were less than $600 he actually said he thought it was going to be $250 - I had to remind him we don't live in 1985!  So anyway I am glad that I can come here and commiserate with other Brides! 
Love isn't finding a perfect person. It's seeing an imperfect person perfectly. ~ Sam Keen

Re: Bride Excitement

  • Welcome! 
    $600 is a great deal for flowers. Sorry he is being a downer about the costs. Guys usually are like that. FI has been great and working OT to pay for extras but recently he said he was getting burnt out at work. Nice he told me until it was too stressful. We agreed to back down a little. 
    Your wedding sounds lovely. If you have pics of the venue please post. You are getting married a few days after us. It can't come soon enough. I wish it were a few weeks away instead of months. 
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    You know, that's what the girls on Project Wedding say too.  Nobody is as excited for your wedding (and it's details) as you are.  That's why we find these communities.  We can bounce ideas off of people who are actually interested and doing the same thing!

    I'm just a few weeks after you and I wish it were here already.  Best wishes to you!
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    I'm starting to get really excited -- now that the major details have been ironed out, just working on the little things!

    Everyone around me seems to be excited too -- I think my anticipation is catching!!

  • I am getting married on the 4th of July this year. I have everything done and am ready for it to be here already. It has been difficult planning everything because no one lives near me. My FI has been super and listened to A LOT, but he's just not a girl friend. :-) I have been surprised at how uninvolved/interested my mom has been. Pretty disappointing. The exciting part is that we are having a small ceremony where my daughter and her best friend will be the "grooms girls" (wearing tuxes) and my best friend and sister will be my bridesmaids (wearing purple dresses), and his son will be his best man. I try to keep myself busy so I don't dwell on "65 days" away... And then I get the reminder from TK on the countdown.... Lol.
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