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are you registering?

Hi ladies,

So I'm curious to know what you're all doing re: gifts.  We don't need anything.. in fact since we just combined our houses we now have two of most things and need to give a lot away!   We tried to register just because so many have been asking us about what we need, but I think we got 3 things on the list, and really don't need or wany any of them.

I'd love to hear your ideas and to find out what the rest of you are doing in this area!
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Re: are you registering?

  • Amen to this. This is precisely one of the things that seemed different to me than the youngstahs.

    There is NOTHING I need. NOTHING. In fact, if anyone brings anything to me they are going to see a look of dismay on my face. For people who insist, I'm going to tell them if they must, a bottle of wine under $20 would be an excellent choice.

    But one thing I was considering: registering with a charity. I haven't figured out exactly how to do that yet--or which charity--but it looks possible.
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  • No, we didn't register. We just wanted people to come and celebrate with us. They were told the only gift to bring was themselves.

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    We weren't planning to register, but did so after our guests started asking where we were registered.  We found a surprising amount of stuff--tools we never had but wanted, or things like towels that were wearing out.

    However, we declined a shower.  And when a few people came to our wedding and didn't bring gifts, we were thrilled.  Our feeling was that if we invited someone, it's because we wanted that person to celebrate with us.  We would much rather that people who couldn't afford a gift not stay home due to embarrassment.
  • We (or rather I) did.  I hadn't planned on it, but a work friend said that people were asking her where I was registered. I registered at Macy's (for completer stuff for the Fiesta dishes I love and kingsize linens) and Target.  I'm not really expecting a shower and actually haven't even looked at the registry since I listed it.
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  • No registry for us.  I know I'm taking the chance of getting the Leg-lamp or chili pepper lights - but I really didn't want to bother with it - and we really don't need very much.
  • No registry for us, either.  Already have too much stuff.  We asked for "no gifts".
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  • We have asked for no gifts since we have everything we need.  If people keep saying they want to give us something I have been telling them to make a donation to the Alzheimer's Association or our local animal shelter. 
  • Yup...sure did...why you ask?

    New life, new stuff; going minimal though.  Registries (2) are packed; just trying to give everyone options, really don't expect everything...not even half.

    Giving all old stuff away to a charity...start afresh, anew.  Only thing I will keep is the original china...never used it; still in the box.

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  • We're registering for some upgrades.
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    In Response to Re: are you registering?:
    [QUOTE]No registry for us.  I know I'm taking the chance of getting the Leg-lamp or chili pepper lights - but I really didn't want to bother with it - and we really don't need very much.
    Posted by shytownkelly[/QUOTE]

    Funny you should mention this ... FI and I are thinking of registering for it.  We love that movie and the lamp.  ;) 

    Honestly, though, we're exactly 10 weeks from the wedding and haven't bothered to register.  One friend is extremely psyched to get us something, so I told her we want some really good steak knives.  She's happy.  We're happy.

    We'll see what happens!

    ETA: After dinner tonight, we realized we don't have a mini-whisk.  So, maybe we'll have a steak knife and mini-whisk registry.  LOL!
  • When I got married the first time at 39, the ex- and I did a full registry -- silver, crystal, lots of serving pieces, new linens, outdoor things. It wasn't a big registry, but big enough for engagement and shower gifts (weddings were cash gifts in both our crowds). 

    DH and I didn't register for several reasons:
    - It was an extremely small wedding, just 13 people including us
    - It was my second marriage within 5 years and I assumed most of my people would not give us a present since everyone had given so generously for my first (obviously short-lived) marriage
    - It was DH's third marriage and reasonable to expect that few people would give a present for a third wedding

    Our immediate family who attended gave cash except for his sister who gave us pots and pans (she knew we needed more for big holiday dinners). A handful of other relatives and friends gave presents, either gifts they chose for us or gift cards. No clunkers in the group.

  • We aren't registering. Mainly because my FH doesn't want to. Even though we are combining households, we are moving into a house twice the size of either of our houses. I can tell you there will be empty spaces for awile! I have a feeling there will be gift cards and cash.
  • We did....2 sites...Macy's (Just for the things we really need.) and for the honeymoon. But we are not expecting much (Especially from his side.) We are okay with that. It's more omportant for us to have people there to celebrate our union.

    It's my first wedding so I wanted the experience. And while it's not my fiancé’s first wedding, his ex-wife cleaned him out of almost everything. And he nvere regestered before. Plus, many people are asking if we registered. I think it's okay. 
  • We have decided to not register anywhere because we are already established in our home. Our gift is the pleasure of their company on our special day.
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