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Hair opinion needed

Tomorrow is my appt to have a trim and hair colored right before the wedding next Sunday. Here are 2 pics of me. Very blonde and blonde with lowlights.
My dress is white and so is veil. Should I have some brown in it to tone it down, or go mostly blonde. Or even almost all light brown.

Re: Hair opinion needed

  • I voted blonde with low lights - but not because you aren't young enough anymore - but because I like the way you look in that picture - the pure blonde makes you look washed out.

    What is your current hair color?  I don't think I would do anything too drastic this close to the wedding.  I go in on friday for my last cut/color.  I can't wait!
  • Kelly, this is the most recent pic of me.

  • I'd do blonde with the brown lowlights. That's actually what I do & I had mine done about 10 days out from the wedding. The woman that does my hair uses 2 shades of brown in it to give it more depth. I definitely wouldn't go as dark as your hair is in the undo--just add a little depth to your current color & you'll look great!
  • #2 definately.  I think in the first pic it's the picture (flash) itself that makes you look washed out, but I still think #2 is the way to go.
  • Ah you are just so lovely - I'm going to keep asking you to post pictures... oh wait THAT is creepy.  :)

    I like the way your hair looks in that photo you posted as most recent.  But I agree when doing highlights/lowlights they have to be done carefully otherwise they do look like stripes.  (I am currently dealing with too chunky highlights... yikes!) 

  • I need highlights badly.
  • I voted with blonde with the brown lowlights.  I think going all blonde with the white dress is going to really wash you out. 

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  • Blond with brown highlits at least for pictures seems to fit you better. But if you have doubts, ask to your FI. That's what I do when I have doubts about the way I look!
  • Thanks ladies. I took your advise. Here is my new hair for the wedding. It will lighten up just a little before next Sunday.

    Crappy pic of me, I am exhausted and still have the cough, but you get the idea.

  • Looks kind of like a happy medium betw the two original pics Karen!
  • The 2nd pic where I was in an updo is so dark because it shows a lot of ourgrowth, lol
  • Great color!!
  • Too good, so I don't rest much lol Seriously, only sign is an occasional cough.
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