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5 Days Until the BIg Day and I just have to vent

5 Days until the BIg Day, I can't wait until its all over it seems like it came so fast.  Today is the first day that I wasn't out all day and had a chance to get in a three hour nap today. I'm still not happy about the uninvited quest that I have staying with me for the last few weeks.  I still don't  understand why my fiance cousin who wanted to move to Texas decide that her and 3 kids had to come two weeks before the wedding.  My fiance and I have been arguing for the last week and a half, he doesn't understand that I'm already stressing about the wedding and that I got laid off the end of May. He says that I'm being mean, but I told him that I didn't want them coming and how come the couldn't come after the wedding.  Oh well I have been managing and they are supposed to be moving by the 1st of August and I'm going to make sure of that, what is the saying Happy Wife Happy Life and believe me he will be unhappy and they will be too.  LOL

Re: 5 Days Until the BIg Day and I just have to vent

  • Congrats on the big day approaching.  You have my sympathy regarding "your" guests.  That is way too much stress so close to your wedding.  Even if your job life were going well that would be too much burden right now.  I'm sure they're helping with all the last minute preparations right?  LOL  Best wishes and hang in there... someday you will laugh about this, hopefully.
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    First and foremost ... GREAT VENT!!!

    Aye, aye, aye ... I am sorry you have so much added stress.  I'm guessing this means you and your fiance live together?  Is that why his cousin and her kids are staying with you? Did I miss something?

    I guess none of that matters.  I don't know if you can grab some time for a massage or two (or three) before the wedding, but that might help.  Honestly, if it gets too bad, ask your fiance to pay for a hotel room for you.  Maybe he'll become a little more helpful in making sure your guests hit the road.

    Good luck!  Have a fabulous wedding!!
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