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This is NOT happening....

I think my baker/ florist is dropping the ball. I mean severely dropping the ball. I thought everything was all set to go, but apparently I am wrong. She hasn't charged the card I gave her for the deposit and hasn't sent me a hard copy of the contract only an emailed version. After speaking w/ her again at the beginning of the week to make sure everything was ok (why she hasn't charged the deposit and what the deal was), she's flaking on me! She promised it was a misunderstanding and that she would charge the deposit, and would have contract in hand, yesterday. I'm now 49 days out and I'm freaking out!!!!She gave me a great price on both flowers and a cake, and I think she is having 2nd thoughts about the price she quoted me.  I mean she is a legit business owner(She is licensed and everything) and I can't fathom why she is doing this. I've tried emailing her and calling her but she keeps giving me the run around. I'm giving her until the end of the day. If I do not have the contract by today, or a charge on my card for the deposit, then I'm looking for a new baker and florist!And to top it all off, today is also the deadline for our RSVP'S and I haven't heard from almost 2/3rds of the guests! Today is not going to be a good day.

Re: This is NOT happening....

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    * I can't fathom why she is doing this besides the price. Sorry, I'm a little brain dead today.
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    I know it is hard not to stress at this point, but in the big scheme, these are things that can be fixed. I would give her until Monday and then call and cancel if there is no change. There are plenty of people willing to do your cake and flowers reasonable in this ecomony. Better to work with someone that wants your business.As far as the RSVPs, our wedding is in two weeks and we still have not received replies from some, so I just crossed them off. Period. Give it until Tuesday and divide and conquer. Split the list with FI or your Mom and call/email. You will be amazed at some of the stories. "It's in the mail." "It must have got lost in the mail" I didn't know there was a date I had to send it back by" and then there are cousins who knew two months ago or more (we sent STDs out in February, that there were not coming, and still did not respond. WTF?
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    Sounds frustrating!! I seriously hope this crap doesnt happen to me, but it probably will. Sorry to hear about the baker, that is really unprofessional. I would definitely start  looking for a backup just in case she completely flakes out :(
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    I know you're super stressed (I'm getting there myself!). Can you go down to the bakery/flowershop and talk to her in person? Take the credit card and have her charge the deposit and sign the contract right there. If that doesn't work, look for someone else. I'm sorry that you're having to deal with this so close to the date.
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    lots of my RSVP's were lost in the mail :( I had to call or ask everyone in person
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