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Wedding Cake

I'm looking for an inexpensive cake baker in Jacksonville, FL.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Wedding Cake

  • brittjoy84brittjoy84 member
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    Publix is probably the most economical option.
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    We went with Metro Custom cakes. I think they're a little less than Publix. We got our wedding cake with 80 servings for $300 and a grooms cake with 35 servings for $150. Its a husband/wife team and they're great people and easy to work with!
  • OSheasOSheas member
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    I second metro custom cakes... we are also using this team as they came out less expensive and seemed to be more custom than publix. We are serving 125+ guests for less than $420. HTH.
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    Thanks guys - I will definitely give Metro Custom Cakes a call!
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