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Stupid National Guard

My FI just got home and dropped some bad news on me.  He's going to be gone from March 3rd to the 19th.  That is for 3 weeks and he'll be back a week before the wedding!  I'm having a hard time comprehending how hard this is going to be.

Re: Stupid National Guard

  • jodipplsjodippls member
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    Wow! I'm sure you'll be fine, Ashley. You're already so far ahead of schedule that you'll have most everything done before he leaves.
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  • brittjoy84brittjoy84 member
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    That really sucks :(  
  • OSheasOSheas member
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    I am sure that will be really hard, but I am sure you will be just fine. You seem very well organized and ahead of schedule. Good luck!
  • katiek200katiek200 member
    edited December 2011
    That stinks! Luckily you are so organized- and you will be really busy leading up to the big day so the time will fly by.
  • edited December 2011
    That does stink, but I think you will do just fine.  Like the other girls said you are well organized and already have a lot done.  I think you will be pretty well set by the time he leaves.  We will be here for support though.  Jackie
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