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Love the new siggy pic of you looking all beautiful in your dress. It looks so good on you. You're so close! Any exciting last minute things going on? When will you be in FL?
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Re: ***NYHarleyBride***

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    Awww, thanks. Actually, I hate that whatever I was thinking expression on my face...need to work on that before the big day. We are leaving Tuesday afternoon and will be in town mid day Wednesday. Unfortunately, I have been soooo slammed at work with no sense of it easing up, which is why I was not on the Knot today AT ALL. I did come home (after an hour and a half at Walmart copying photos for mom who decided we needed to make this family album) and manage to get 5 of my table cards done and they look awesome (sorry no time to take pics, maybe over the weekend) but the printing on the others were off center, so I am back to sneak in at the color laser at work tomorrow to finish them off. Most of the big things are done, except I still need to do my bustle (Sat. morning FI is going to a cooking class, so I will have all day alone to cram and finish off all the last minute things). Some stuff I don't want to do till we get there (cards on OOT bags and tissue in favor bags), because it would be a mess by the time we get there. Thanks for the page and cross your fingers for sunshine on the 26th!
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    I agree, the dress is very flattering on you! Fingers crossed for weather and last minute details!
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