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The Power of Email and Social Networking

I decided not to give the 36 guests that had not responded until Monday like I previously stated. So I started emailing, facebooking and myspacing them all yesterday. As of now I have gone from needing 36 responses to needing 21 responses. Why did I spend all of that money on invitations and postage? I should have just updated my fb status to "getting hitched, like this status if you're coming." Sigh... people just don't understand what we go through!
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Re: The Power of Email and Social Networking

  • clseale13clseale13 member
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    "getting hitched, like this status if you're coming."LMAO. At least you're making some progress. :)
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  • brittjoy84brittjoy84 member
    edited December 2011
    getting hitched, like this status if you're comingFreaking hilarious! I went the FB route to get some addresses. If I waited for FI to get addresses from his friends, they will never get one.
  • toblave13toblave13 member
    edited December 2011
    Hahaha. That is amazing. Not looking forward to this part of the process...
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    I "like" this post.
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  • katiek200katiek200 member
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    Glad some progress is being made!!!
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    Since most of my friends are on Facebook, I used this as my Save the Date announcement, to pass information about my website and that is where the need to go to RSVP.  My wedding is on 28 Nov...I send them updates as I go.  For those that are not on Facebook, I used the e-mail as well.I am in the process of getting my invitations out...having some difficulties there so am a bit behind...but as I see it, I have informed all my guest where to go to RSVP, so they should not wait for the official invitation to reply.  In a way, it is much more stressful and expensive to design, buy, send out invitations and I truthfully liked just sending the guest the information via e-mail, facebook, etc.
    A happy newlywed...now time to start a family!
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    Oh, and actually that is the only way guest can RSVP is via the website.  I am not wasting the money on return postage, envelopes, etc to have them reply by snail mail.
    A happy newlywed...now time to start a family!
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