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Wedding Dress Cleaners/Preservation - Jax/St Auggie

Who do you recommend? I'm in Orange Park so anywhere in JAX or St Auggie would work well for me.

My dress is all lace and I'm terrified someone is going to ruin it. I need to get it cleaned and preserved in a box. TIA!
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Re: Wedding Dress Cleaners/Preservation - Jax/St Auggie

  • Wondering the same thing myself.  My dress is also all lace.  I'm at the beach and would also appreciate some suggestions!  :-)
  • Have you had any luck finding anyone yet? I still haven't found anything as of yet.
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  • Yeah I need to find one too.  My spray tan also came off on my dress some.  I have no clue if they will be able to get that out.
  • I have a bit of make up on mine, but I'm mainly really concerned about the dirt on the bottom of it. :/ I'm wondering if Martha might know who to go to... I haven't found much info.
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