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I'm a Mrs :) and warning about a make-up artist :(

I haven't been on in so long but I wanted to tell everyone thank you for their ideas and good times on here. We were married on the 14th and it went incredibly!

Navy - the only problem is that I ave yet to get me money back from Faythe Mesic. Apparently it was send on Nov 6th but I have yet to receive anything and I requested it ent with a delivery confirmation. Oh well...Better Business Bureau here I come!

To update everyone else she cancelled on my 2 weeks before my wedding due to health problems and I have yet to get my money back. Despite those health problems, she's been able to hold one workshop (Nov 15th) and has another one on Dec 7th. I don't buy it!

Re: I'm a Mrs :) and warning about a make-up artist :(

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