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St Augustine hotel rooms

I had an excellent expreience today with the hotel wedding coordintor and I thought I'd share.

I had originally wanted to book a block of rooms with the Hilton Bayfront and looked forward to the guests staying close to downtown and the venue.  I called the "group resevervation specialist" and he was rude from the get go.  I started explaining what I needed and he pretty much cut me off and told me that he would be happy blocking 5 rooms for $250 a night.  I told him that we needed 15-20 and he simply stated that their policy is 5.  Whatever.  $250 would buy our guests a room at the Casa Monica which is highly superior.  (and I told him that)

So, on to the good part!  I drove over to the Hampton Inn at the beach and was warmly greeted.  The coordinator was very helpful.  She gave me plenty of options in regards to room types, a link for the website to reserve a room under the guest rate ($120.00)  and offered to hand out the gift bags as guests check in with no charge.  I was very pleased with her and the hotel.  I'm excited that our out of town guests will be able to stay on the beach, with a nice pool for an affordable price in a very accomodating hotel!


Re: St Augustine hotel rooms

  • We had a block at the Hampton Inn at the beach, too.  We also had a block at the Holiday Inn Express closer to the downtown area.  It was a little less than a mile from downtown.  Both hotels were great for our guests...everyone was very happy!
  • Where did you have your wedding at?  Did you shuttle guests or did they drive?
  • We looked at the Hilton too and did not have a good experience. We blocked off rooms at the Hampton Inn on Ponce de Leon, the price and were rooms were very  nice.
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