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Recommendations for Wedding Venue (Ceremony and Reception)


My FI and I have been searching the entire web to get the perfect NE FL beach wedding location for what fits our needs and budget. We want to have a private outdoor wedding ceremony on gorgeous green lawn that overlooks the beautiful ocean. We also want to have an indoor reception to accommodate our guests. Our budget is $5,000 total. Our guest list is 80 people. We are doing self-catering from cooking to baking and mostly everything will be DIY from invitations to centerpieces. We also want to BYOB (beer, wine, and a signature drink). Our theme is beach-themed. We are still on the search for an affordable photographer and DJ. Our main issue for right now is finding the right location that can accommodate our guest list, but mainly our budget. Affordable is what we are looking for! Our wedding will take place on a Saturday(I know that Saturdays seem to be the perfect day for a wedding... We just happen to get lucky because after we chose our date, we found out that it falls on a Saturday :) I also read that it's also the most expensive day to get married). I feel like I am so far behind on planning! Does anyone have reccommendations on an affordable venue off in NE FL? We would like to have it at one venue, in that way, our guests do not have to travel in between.  

Any recommendations will be of great help! Happy Planning! 

Re: Recommendations for Wedding Venue (Ceremony and Reception)

  • You may do best to look into parks and maybe settle for a pavilion reception. It may also help to narrow down the area for other posters to help you out. I'm way over in Jacksonville... But I'm also familiar with Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, AL. I can't be very helpful with the inbetween, though.
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  • Agree with Jenni. From my hunting (looking at venues from Destin to St. Autustine), the places with the big green lawns, lovely indoor reception venues, AND beach space are quite pricey. There are a few restaurants on the beach between Jax and St. Aug that are happy to help set up and breakdown the ceremony if you use them for the reception. You may need to consider a pavilion in some kind of park. I know St. George Island over here by Tallahassee has some lovely, large pavilions and very easy access ramps up and down from the beach and the parking lots. You may want to consider contacting a State Park and see about using one of their spaces. Keep in mind they may have restrictions on alcohol.

    Also to keep in mind, you say you want a BYOB type of reception. That's fine, but you may still have to pay a bartender and bartending fee. A lot of venues require a licensed and insured bartender if alcohol of any kind is being served. FL booze laws are pretty strict on that sort of thing too.

    Hope this helps!

  • To Jenni, I've looked from the west coast of florida (near the gulf) to the Northeast coast like Jacksonville area. Seems as though the west coast and south of florida is alot more expensive, but I guess it just all depends on the location. Might have to just settle into looking somewhere in PVB, FL. Thanks for your help, I'll definitely look into parks and pavilions.

    To Chipmunk, I use to work at a restaurant here in Jacksonville Florida and might start working there again by next week. I was thinking of asking the GM if I could borrow two of their best bartenders so I won't have to pay for the bartender at the actual location I choose. The GM at the restaurant is actually invited to the wedding; maybe he could supply me with their liquor license? I will definitely look into St. George Island. 

    Do you ladies know if there are any other pavilions I could look into, preferrably somewhere around North FL? 

    Thanks for the advice ladies! 
  • You may do well to just drive up A1A and see what pops... Except for Michler, I feel like Ponte Vedra Beach is kind of exclusive. You may find park areas or beachfront restaurants that would work for you north of Atlantic Beach and up into Amelia Island.
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