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Relocating 5 months before wedding?

So, FI and I fell in love with this venue in North Florida, where we're currently living. We booked it and booked our photographer, along with some other things. Now, his work wants him to relocate to Orlando in April. The wedding is in September. We don't want to move the wedding venue, because 1) We'd lose our $200 deposit. 2) We wouldn't find the perfect venue anywhere else. This was one of those instant "you-know-it's-right" moments.

Now, I haven't had a job in 4 months. My apartment complex that we are currently living in has asked me to "volunteer" to show apartments at promotional events lately. In reality, the manager wanted to see how well I'd do, because she had heard that I was looking for a job. Turns out, she wants to bring me on as a part-timer, but she's heard that we may be moving. The part-time leasing agent position would start as soon as she found out we were staying in North FL and would evolve into a full-time position. They even told us that FI could have a job as a maintenance/pool worker (full time). This would cut our rent in  half!!

But FI still wants to move to Orlando. Where we will be forced to live in the rich side of town, where we'd be paying MORE than what we're paying now for rent & utilities. I'm not even guaranteed a job there yet.

I think we should stay in North FL until after the wedding so that we can afford the wedding. We'd save so much staying here, and we'd both be making extra income.

So, now I want to see other people's opinions. Do you think we should move to Orlando or stay in North Florida until after the wedding?

Re: Relocating 5 months before wedding?

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    Why would you be "forced" to live in the rich part of Orlando?  Is FI not allowed to choose where in Orlando he will live?  If his job wants him to move, I'm assuming it's probably a better job than what the leasing office is offering.. and not for nothing, but your job opportunities will probably be better for you in Orlando.  Jacksonville is horrible for jobs.
    What's wrong with the 2 of you moving or Orlando and still having your wedding up here?  You've already found the venue and photographer... the few other vendors you will need you make a few weekend trips up here to meet with them and that's it. 
    Plenty of people plan wedding from further distances... this is only 2 hours.. if this is the perfect place, make it happen.  Don't mess up a better opportunity for the 2 of you  based on your wedding plans.  The wedding is only one day.. but this job will be much longer.
    ~Alissa & Frank 10.9.10~
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    We're "forced" to live there, because it's a district office, and he has to live within the district, which is in Windermere/Dr. Phillips.

    I didn't mind moving to Orlando, until I started thinking about money and we both got job offers here at our apartment. If we pay only $300/month for our apartment and our utilities are usually around $90, it seems like it's worth staying in North Fl. for the savings. The apartments in our district are $700+ and the utilities are much higher there.

    The major downsides to moving to Orlando are:
    -my job searching
    -something I didn't mention before, because I just found out....: FI is going to live with his boss for 2 months. His boss has told him that I'm not welcome there and that I'd have to stay in Gainesville until FI moved into his own apartment 2 months later. Which seems really annoying to me. I don't necessarily have to live in Gainesville, because my parents live near Orlando, so it would be better to live with them, but the idea that I can't even stay with my fiance for 2 months is a little irritating.
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    Now that you shared more details.. this all sounds very strange.  Why would they want him to move but not let him find as place to stay first.. let him stay with the boss for 2 months instead?  what if FI was already married and had a kid or something?  What then?  Make him live without his family?  Wierd. 

    Now I am definately all for understanding sacrifices for jobs.. (I moved to Florida with FI for a job offer for him.. now he's not working there anymore.. he's a long haul truck driver and I see him about once a month.. .so if anyone knows about sacrifices.. it's me)... but for you, this is all about timing and I don't think it's the right time for a situation like this.  It will be very stressful and it will take alot of strength and understanding on both your parts.

    You might be right about staying up here for a while.. this is just alot of Major added stress to be dealing with while planning a wedding. 
    But it sounds like this battle you're going to have to take up with FI since you 2 aren't quite on the same page yet. 

    ~Alissa & Frank 10.9.10~
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