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dream day cake "NIGHTMARE''

I just got my daughters grooms cake from the publixs in Millhopper and it was awsome the artist that did the cake Sonja was excelent the cake was perfect.  there was nothing left of it at the wedding.  I would us her and publix every time.

Just a word of advice to anyone that is thinking of using Dream day cakes ""DONT"  What you have at the tasting is not what you get.
they are rude they tried to blame there incompetence on us that they mixed up our delivery time with some one elses. He yelled and spoke to use in a very rude manner to use on the phone. once they deliverd the cake to use 2 1/2 hours late they did not complete the cake and just left it the topper was not arranged on the cake as requested Thanks to the staff form the "Gainesville Golf and Country Club" Chef came to the rescue and were able to complete.  as for the cake it was horrible.  it tasted as though it had been frozen for a month it was dry tasteless and the filling tasted like it was a stick of butter just spread in between the layers.  It was like having a mouth full of sawdust. If I would not have had my daughters wedding in an hour I would have thrown them out along with the cake.  They were the only bad part of the of the day.   I would never recomend them to anyone I would encourage them to stear clear.  At the tasting the samples of cake are not what you get in the cake.  Had it not been for the Publix Grooms cake we would not have had any cake that tasted good.

Re: dream day cake "NIGHTMARE''

  • For Cakes, I highly recommend Ms. Debbies Sugar Art... Shes in Newberry but she has a bakery in Ocala too. Her cakes are AMAZING. my future-sister-in-law had her do her cake fo rher wedding and she gave special instructions on how to keep your cake for your 1st anniversary and the cake tasted exactly the same a year later... We're using her for our wedding and her cake just tastes so good! We can't wait!

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    I highly recommend Sonja at Millhopper Publix too! She did our wedding cake and not only did it look amazing, but tasted great too!! We saved and ate the top layer on our 1st anniversary and a yr later, broken freezer and 2 moves later it was still edible and fairly tasty!
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