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Please read..

So today I replied to one of the florists I had checked out previously, Blossoms and Accents, and told her I would not be going with her company as I had found a much more reasonable option - Bold Blooms (who I am so excited about!!) and I recieved an email from her asking me what company I went with and how much I was paying. Well I refused to give her the company's name. But I did tell her it was 1/3 of her cost and this was the response I received:


Good luck and I will take you off my contact list.  



Wow,  That is really cheap.  I would ask them if they are licensed and insured for your peace of mind if they are a business in the state of Florida they are required to be. If not they are not then they legal.


I could not even touch those prices my experience and quality of product demands that I charge more and the product itself would cost me more than they are charging you.


Good Luck and Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. "

I understand being disappointed.. but I feel as if she is almost being mean about it (she was nice when I meet her) I mean maybe she is just being considerate.. I don't know. I did find it very unprofessional of her to ask who beat her prices and how much I was paying. What do you ladies think? Either way.. I thought you all should know about this.. I wouldn't go with Blossoms and Accents - granted her flowers have been 'printed' but I feel like I'm getting so much more with Bold Blooms - Not to mention Bold Blooms will only book 1 wedding a weekend! Where Bloosoms and Accents will book multiple! She couldnt' even promise she would be dropping off and setting up my centerpieces (that are flowers in mason jars!)

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Re: Please read..

  • mary1217mary1217 member
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    Wow, I can't believe she acted that way either.  How unprofessional!  I am glad to hear you are going with Bold Blooms! I am in the process of setting up my consultation with them and I know Valerie from when I was younger.  I hope you don't have any more rude vendors!!
  • Navywife310Navywife310 member
    edited December 2011
    I haven't booked yet and am glad you posted this! Her prices are a bit high and I am in the process of shopping around. I had a feeling that if I said "No thank you" to her, I would get an email from hell lol
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    That information is none of her business. Valerie from Bold Blooms is wonderful. She is doing my Wedding.

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    wow! i can't believe that. glad you told us so we don't waste our money on that business! 
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    I just thought everyone else should know. I'm so happy about working with Valerie and wouldn't choose another florist! Somehow this came up when I was speaking with the photographers I choose, and I told them what happened (they've worked with Valerie often) turns out Rachel from Bloosoms and Accents gets her flowers from the same exact place that Valerie does. So that means she has to be charging like at least double what she should be. I just found this extremely unprofessional and thought you ladies should know before you waste your time and money with her.

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  • heatherhljheatherhlj member
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    That was really unprofessional of her and I'm so glad I read your post. I have an appt with Bold Blooms on Saturday and based on the reviews I'm so excited. My last florist quoted me $175 per centerpiece - obviously that is ridiculous!!
  • Kris092988Kris092988 member
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    I think it may have just been professional curiosity, she probably knows of cheap florists who do it for less that you can tell in their work, and was probably just trying to advise you not to go with a known "bad" vendor. And less qualifications usually are the cause for cheaper vendors, in anything be it florists or photographers or whatever, so that definitely would be something I would make sure of.
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    I don't think the florist meant any ill will.  She is running a business.  I do find it a little troubling that you would bash her on this forum because she did not fit your budget and was just doing some follow up.  My take was that she was trying to be informative and seeking feedback to improve her business.  It sounds like she was being polite and offering advice to make sure you were hiring a professional and not some fly by night business.  It's too bad that you had to take that advice and defame her business.  I don't think it is your place to advise others not to seek out her services when you've never even used her services yourself.  Your issue was obviously price due to your budget, and I find your actions inappropriate. I just looked up Bold Blooms, and it is obvious to me that the reason they can charge less is because they have a boutique.  They not only do weddings but flowers for all occasions, which enables them to keep the cost down.  Even if they do purchase from the same place as Blossoms & Accents (which I have no idea how another vendor would know that info), they more than likey can purchase in larger bulk due to having a different type of business, which means they do purchase at a lower cost than her.  It seems to me you really didn't think this through and the reasons behind everything prior to posting.  I for one will be checking out Blossoms & Accents as I've heard wonderful things about her.  And due to your negative post, I definitely will not be seeking out services from Bold Blooms. 
  • mrsmatsui-tbmrsmatsui-tb member
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    Thanks for the heads up as I am currently searching for a florist for my wedding. As for pp, come on it's so obvious you are said vendor trying to cover your bottom. Why make a page and write a comment. Something's are better left unsaid. It makes me (and I'm sure many others) more inclined to seek services elsewhere!
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    HAHA!  Are you referring to me?  I am a bride.  And I booked Rose of Sharon for my flowers.  I'm glad you can't accept differing opinions. 
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    I don't think it was a bad e mail response from her.  It certainly could have been taken that way.  I too changed my florist and photographer when I started.  Everyone asked what the competators price is.  I asked the photographer why, and she told me she was just wondering if she could throw a package together to match it (perhaps not what I originally agreed upon).  And, she did!!  I understand this is not the case in this situation.

    With respects to the fact that one florist books one wedding a weekend versus multiple events.  I would personally go with the vendor who did one wedding a weekend.  My sister hired a florist who handled multiple accounts in one weekend. While they were setting up at the reception, my mother walked in to find pink flowers with baby carriages all over them.  Apparently, they delivered the wrong event. Things got mixed up.  I'd much rather prefer a DJ, Florist, Caterer, and Photographer who is solely dedicated to me and my fiance on our special day. 
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