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Jacksonville Zoo

My FMIL just reminded me that the Jackosnville Zoo holds weddings. Has anyone been to a wedding/event there or looked into it? I looked on the website and it looks like nice facilities with quite a few options. I'm afraid it's going to be pricey. I emailed them today, but anyone with first hand experience would be wonderful!

Re: Jacksonville Zoo

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    I looked into it but I haven't been there to check it out, they aren't as expensive as I was expecting but still a little out of my budget... if you send them an email, they'll reply with the packages and pricing :)
    The Taylors est. 11/24/12
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    Thank you for your reply! Yes, they are very prompt with their replies. I'm in the same boat as you - wasn't as much as I thought, but still out of my price range with their catering costs.
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    exactly! good luck to you
    The Taylors est. 11/24/12
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    I used to work there and considered them when I was searching for locations. I've heard great things from both the zoo employees that worked the events and bridal consultants that helped organize weddings there. You basically have 2 different places at the zoo to have the wedding; range of the jaguar and at the gardens between the kids shop and australia. Jaguar's more expensive than 'trout river lodge' as it used to be called, but jaguar area can hold alot more people. You can also pay extra to have the carousel and possibly giraffe feedings available. Catering is flexible but alcohol has to go through the zoo. Thats all I remember from when I looked last, which was about 2 years ago. The person who is in charge or organizing the wedding is in charge of all special events at the zoo. Also, the wedding will almost always have to be in the evening and they only close parts of the zoo an hour early at the most for you to start decorating. That might have even changed since they have the new dinosaur exhibit in now. Hope this helps!
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