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Budget St. Augustine Wedding

I know I have a really small budget for my wedding but I want to get married in St. Augustine, where I live and where my fiance and I have fallen in love.  We have about a year and a half until we are planning on getting married and I want to hear from you guys about what I can do on my own to help keep me within budget.  I think we have our location and food figured out (a big portion of of our money), but not much else.  I know I want a cheaper photographer that still is quality anyone know any in the area (all the prices we saw were starting at 2K with barely anything coming from that)?  Also anyone have ideas to save money for this area in general?  I still want to have a classy wedding on a budget that feels like St. Augustine.

Re: Budget St. Augustine Wedding

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    I also am going to hit up the budget board, but I am looking for cheap, quality in the area as well as ideas.
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    I'm a St. Augustine bride also! :) Just curious, what location/caterer are you thinking about using?

    Here's some suggestions:
    1.  Invitations - we bought Brides brand invitations at Michael's that we printed ourselves.  They are normally $40 a box but Michael's frequently puts them on clearance so we got them for $20 a box instead! Buying 3 boxes, we got them for $60! Also, if you're buying something that's not on sale at Michael's be sure to use a coupon...they always have them in the paper and you can download one from the website for 40% off.
    2.  Date - we are having our wedding on a Sunday. That is saving us money on our reception venue and our DJ.
    3.  Alcohol - if you can, get a venue that will let you bring you own.  You can also save by only serving beer and wine.
    4.  Photography- check out my friend's website. I'm not sure what her prices are but I think she's very reasonable and she has an option where you just get a CD so you can order prints/albums on your own to get them for a cheaper price
    5.  Guest list - cutting is hard but helps keep costs down.
    6.  Dress - Shop sample sales and sign up for David's Bridal and Alfred Angelo email lists.  I got an email about a sample sale at Alfred Angelo and ended up getting my dress for $100!
    7.  Cake - one word: Publix! Delicious, pretty and well-priced cakes.
    8.  Decorations - pick a location that doesn't need a lot so you don't have to spend a lot on decorations/flowers.  Ask your florist about cutting bridesmaid bouquets to fit vases so you can use them are decoration for the reception (we are doing this and since I have 7 girls, that saves a lot on reception flowers!)

    Let me know if you have any questions! We're getting married at the Cathedral Basilica, reception at River House, Designed Events catering, Defore's cake, Tonya Beaver Photography & Pro Show DJ's
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    I would recommend checking out Jenn Hopkins photography.  She is out of Jacksonville and has pretty decent/competitive prices with A LOT that goes with it!  Good luck with your planning. I, too, am St. Augustine bride and I can understand why you would want to get married there!:)
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     Invitations I got 50% off at party city - don't worry about getting the highest quality design because no one is going to keep them they always end up in he trash. I created my centerpieces for alot cheaper and everyone i've shown my pic to loves them. cant wait for May 1st to see how everyone invited likes them.
    Publix cakes are phenominal but I was told only to use the one at 10500 San Jose Blvd Jax, Fl 32257 becaue they have the best quality and your gonna get what you asked for the other Publix's are not equipped for wedding cakes and they do deliver for a reasonable price. call 904-262-4187 ask for Jocelyn or Lynelle. Photography we are using Paul with Jpacphotography his website is www.wix.com/jpmacimages/jpmacphotography.com , We love his photos and he is a friend of my fiance, and reasonably priced. Make up by Haley simplymakeup.com- she  is so sweet and make up looks great. and she works with Apryl Nolan for hair her # is 904-891-9363 website [email protected], she can send you some samples of what she has done. And I can get back to you with our DJ, he is also reasonably priced and reccommended to us but I dont have his information on me but let me know if you want his info. We have stayed under $5,000. So Ihope the info I gave you helps and if you need anything else let me know.
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    Hi liland01,

    I am getting married in St. Augustine next spring and I'm just starting my planning.  Can I ask, where are you doing your reception and ceremony?

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    I'm getting married in St. Augustine in December and am also looking at staying within my budget.  The church was a splurge, but totally worth it, the Cathedral Basilica.  We have the White Room for our reception, Footloose entertainment for the DJ, and Ephotographics for our photographer. 

    The best deals so far have been the STDs (from Vistaprint), 100 photo postcards for FREE, and the dress, $1200 Allure dress from Silhouettes in Tallahassee for $299! 

    Happy planning!

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    We are getting married in Orange Park at The Winterbourne Inn, and old mansion on ths StJohns river with Ceremony on the front lawn.

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    I am planning on (but haven't put a deposit on) the White Room for wedding and reception. The prices of churches in the downtown area, which would be easiest for my family since I think most are staying there, are outrageous and I LOVE the white room so I don't want a huge commute from ceremony to reception.  We are planning on a Friday date to save a little money.  I checked out some of those wedding photographers prices and they are just so much more than my sister is paying for hers this May (my sister is in the Atlanta area, so I don't know if thats why), but is the minimum that anyone can find for the area really 2.5K?  I just have a hard time wrapping my head around that much money.  Also does anyone know if photographers give discounts for the Friday date as opposed to the ever popular Saturday (my sisters is a holiday weekend Friday and she is getting a discount for that too).  I plan on trying to use something online for invites, STDs (thanks for all those websites).  The one thing I know will not be able to cut costs on too much is as a foodie and my family all love food, I want to get people a nice meal when they come all the way down here for my wedding, so no cake and cocktails only reception.  Thanks for all the ideas, keep 'em coming people! (Sorry hope that doesn't sound greedy, I am just hoping for anything I can hear from anyone with experience.)
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    We used Don Keeton for our photography:  www.donkeetonphotography.com
    He is VERY reasonable, included an engagement pics session, getting ready, ceremony and reception, He gave us all the pictures on a disc... he took over 1400 pics!!
    For cake- definitely Publix...
    For dress- check out used dresses on Ebay, or  T2T...
    Good luck!

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    Yikes  l live here and trust me I know it is pricey. Are plan was to have a beach wedding and celebrate afterwards at a beach house we rented. Sounds simple and cost effective right? So hard to find a place that first off allows it then doesn't tack on a 1000 dollar wedding fee. Well we finally found something that fit our budget and the lady just informed us three months out from our date it is now unavailable they decieded to discontinue renting it and relatives have moved in! I am trying not to panic and checking into my back up plans! I need an inexpensive venue! Under 2000. Anyone have any ideas?


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    Rhend88: Ginger Dupre Photography is awesome, and they have a very flexible price selection. They are under 2k for plenty of coverage, and really really good to work with, and their portfolio is amazing. And they definitely do work in St. Augustine. This is their website: http://www.gingerdupre.com/

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    To save on your dress check out the new store Something Borrowed Bridal Gowns at 3149 N Ponce De Leon in the Depot Plaza next to Westaff. 687-8928

    They have new dress and once worn dresses you can buy or rent for reasonable prices. You can even order a new gown from their website at a huge saving. A friend recently ordered a dress it was $562.00 and she got it for $299.00. They have bridesmaids dresses, accessories and rent tuxedos too.

    They have a ad in Tidbits paper and if you take it in they give an additional discount.

    For a photographer take a look at Amanda Tapley she is new in the area and reasonably priced.

    Good luck    Smile
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    Ok so this is how we are having our dream wedding in St. Augustine and staying under 5k. We refused to get taken advantage of and live local.
    Beach Ceremony- free site
    Rev- $100
    Beach House Reception-2500, yes a big part of our budget but this is for a huge house with beautiful garden that our family and friends will stay in for a week!
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    We are local and refused to get taken advantage of being this is a tourist town and they overcharge for everything.

    Beach Ceremony- free no permit needed here
    Rev- $100

    Reception Site Beach House- 2500 for whole week house sleeps 14 and has beautiful garden for reception.

    food catered by married couple $15 a head= $750

    music Ipod sound system free

    cake- publix $88 two tier ( we will have a dessert bar so going with smaller cake

    Photographer - $300! went to school with her    she is awesome and cut me a deal

    my advice is think outside box feel free to haggle and use your resources, talented friends etc, connections.

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    What is your venue that you got in under $5000???
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    LouWho19  we are looking to book DJ Pro Show for our reception at the white room, any suggestions or review for your experience?  Thanks!
  • How many guests?
  • Reception Site Beach House- 2500 for whole week house sleeps 14 and has beautiful garden for reception. food catered by married couple $15 a head= $750 Who is the married couple that are catering for $15.00 per head? Where did you find the house for $2500 for the whole week?
  • Where was the beach house that you had the reception? I would love to keep my daughters wedding under $5000! All advice appreciated.
  • Yeah I'd be interested to where this is. I've looked at houses on homeaway.com but it's hard to tell if they would work.
  • How did you manage to have a beach house reception with parking?  My fiance and I have honestly already looked into that idea, but can't find a way to accommodate parking.  We are looking to have a small reception, 50-75 people..
  • @acampbel47:  I'm in the same boat as you, except we are getting married at Our Lady of La Leche then looking at having the reception at the White Room Loft and Rooftop.  How did you feel about the White Room saying you have to pay $1500 since you aren't having the ceremony there?
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