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Any Gainesville Brides with Area Recomendations?

Hey Everyone,

I am a bride getting married in Pittsburgh, Pa this June. We just got the letter saying my FI got into the Pharmacodynamics PhD program with full funding at UF (Yay!). We actually have to be there July 1st so we will be moving like a week after the wedding. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what areas to look into for housing (we are hoping to rent a house not an apt.), or any advice on where not to live. We would be open to living in an apt. complex if it was really nice I suppose. I would also love to hear about any good stores, restaurants, ect in the area. I am very excited about the move but a little bit nervous moving somewhere where I know nothing about! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Any Gainesville Brides with Area Recomendations?

  • Gainesville has a TON of places to live. Houses near the main campus are a little more pricey. If you are willing to live a little farther out and drive to campus there are a ton of home options. As for apt complexes- there are sooo many and really range in price. What are you looking to spend on rent- that would help me really narrow down the recommendations.

    Since you're coming from Pittsburgh, you may find Gainesville to be a bit boring- as it is a small town. However, I've lived here 5 years and I love it. If you like sushi- Dragonfly is the BEST place in Gainesville. It's located downtown.
  • I would really like to find a single family home with an ensuite bathroom and hopefully a pool either at the house itself or as a neighborhood ammentity. We are willing to life up to 25-30 minutes away from campus, but FI would definitely prefer to be closer to campus. We can spend up to $2000 a month and are hoping to move in June 20th or so we could wait till july 1st at the latest. We really aren't big fans of Pittsburgh we live right outside the city and avoid going in as much as possible so we are really excited to live in Gainesville it seems like such a cute town! Are there any areas I should avoid, I know there are quite a few locations in Pittsburgh I would advise people against driving down the stree let alone moving in!? I wonder if I called a real estate agent if they could help me find a rental...? I will definitely give Dragonfly a try once we get there!
  • The easiest way to find a house is through a rental agency. There are a bunch in Gainesville. You can also look on Craigslist but beware of scams. I rent my house through Bosshardt but I would not recommend them. But I know there are a lot of other realty's you can go through. For up to $2000, you can get a pretty nice house! I have a 2 bed, 2.5 bath approx 1400 sq feet for $1100, which is pretty average in price.
  • I would try to look out in Jonesville, its not direcly in gainesville but there are a lot of nice places for rent out there.
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  • Thank you guysfor the suggestions! Tszostek I will definitely look into jonesville! If anyone knows of a descent real estate agent who deals in rentals I would be glad for the referal!
  • Hi! I've lived in Gainesville for the last 4 years and will be spending at least 2 more years there! If you're wanting to rent a house, check out Haile Plantation. It's a huge community and you may find something you like there, but it's a little farther from the university, relative to where most students live. It's pretty difficult to find parking on campus (but since your husband will be a PhD student it might be easier), but the bus system is pretty good. I'm a student at UF too, and have always lived in walking distance, which has been really nice. But, the closer you get the the university, the more college-y it gets, if that makes sense (as in, you might drive by several yards full of red solo cups and Natty Light cans). I'd stay away from the east side of Gainesville. Also, Cottage Grove is a really cute complex, somewhere I've always wanted to live but could never afford.
      If you have any other questions feel free to let me know!
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