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Wedding Officiant Needed


I am getting married at the Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast on June 18.  We still need a wedding officiant.  Anyone have any recommendations

Re: Wedding Officiant Needed

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    have you considered asking someone close to you to perform the ceremony? it's really easy to get notarized online to perform a ceremony, that's what my stepdad did. All the person has to do is take an online class and fill out some forms, then the state sends the certification and official stamp with the person's name.

    other than that I don't have any advice, we didn't want a religious officiant and wanted someone who actually knew us to do the cermeony, hence the online notarization.
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    I used

    David Tagliaferri
    [email protected]

    and was EXTREMELY happy with him, like over the moon happy! Plus he's cheap!
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    Call Father Ian Anderson.  There is NO ONE better!  He's real clergy - not some internet/notary guy.  He's an Episcopal priest who's charming and funny.  He'll go where ever your wedding is.  Call him at 904-540-4843 or go on his web site www.FatherAnderson.com You will love him!
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