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Florida-North Florida

Planning thus far...

Right now I live in the Jacksonville area... an opportunity has come up and we are moving to the panhandle in August. We have yet to set a date in stone yet but I know we want to come back and get married in the Jacksonville area as it will be closer for all of our family and friends...so that's going to be challenging..

I know we want a fall wedding, I was thinking 11/24/2012 and FI is thinking more towards 2013... My dad is giving us a budget of $5000...doable so I dont see any reason to wait... we got engaged December 2010. so that's kind of an unspoken battle right now too

I think once I find the venue and get the available dates from them, we can set something in stone and plan around that but with the mov coming up and everything...the plans have fallen to the wayside

we've started the guest list
written the budget
I have the favors in shopping cart at orientaltrading.com
we know we want a fall/wine theme colors wine and cream with splashes or coral and purples in there

so far that's all I got... any planning advice would be helpful :) LOL not sure where I was going with this post... just putting my thoughts in black and white I guess
The Taylors est. 11/24/12

Re: Planning thus far...

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    Hi Meg,

    Welcome. not sure what advice to give as yet, but I wanted to acknowledge your post & say Hi. I actually live in Pensacola, where we got married so don't know too much about Jacksonville wedding vendors, except an amazing DJ company that we saw at our friends wedding. They were all that stood out on that day everything else was just ok or average.

    If you need any help with info about moving to the Panhandle let me know!

    Happy Planning! 

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    Hi Meg! I am also in P'cola, but wanted to welcome you! We may be moving our date to 2013 as well. Mostly to give family time to arrange time off work & travel so no one has any excuses... Lol I was bummed at first but now I get more time to relax & enjoy this planning process. I am researching things to death!!!
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