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Florida-North Florida

McGee Entertainment

FYI to those interested...

In looking for a DJ and entertaining, definetly in this economy I thought I would share my experence with this DJ... less then satisfactory.  Which was rather dissappointing.

In contacting various DJ's I asked the same questions of everyone:
Date- are you available
Are you all digital?
How vast is your song list?

These questions allow my fiance and I to review not just the price quote before we narrow down our choice to schedule meetings with the venders.

The two responces I received from McGee were rude and quite a turn off.  The First was a auto response.  Notice the bold words that HE put in his email. (*** placed over sensitive information for us and for his company... respect for people)

Thank you for your interest in McGee Entertainment & Events, Inc. We currently have your Wedding Reception date available. Our price range for professional services provided, which include music programming (DJ), emcee, reception planning and reception coordination for ***** hours at *********on ******* is $***** to $*******Pricing depends on the hours of service, the wedding package selected, the set up requirements and the DJ/Emcee available when you call. For more information about our wedding packages visit us online at www.mcgeeentertainment.com/weddings.html">www.mcgeeentertainment.com/weddings.html Call us today at (904) 744-3535 for a price quote or to book the date.
Yours in service,
Carlton McGee, President
McGee Entertainment & Events, Inc.
Northeast Florida's # 1 source for Classy, Elegant & Fun Wedding Receptions!

He responded to my online request with this exact email:

Hello ,

All of DJ/Emcees are digital.  Is the size of our music library really
important to you?


Carlton McGee, President
McGee Entertainment & Events, Inc.

As a client asking the same questions of eveyone, yes if it was not important I would have not asked.  Therefore my responce to let him know we would look elsewhere was:

Yes as a perspective client who is looking at various dj's variety of music and songs is important to us. However as a perspective customer I feel that I should not have to explain a standard question that no other entertainer has hesitated in responding.

Thank you for your response. We will be continuing our search elsewhere.

McGee Felt that he needed to not only respond but continued to express his personality:

Final email:
Funny!  We're not like all the other entertainers.  Our clients understand that they're hiring a professional Wedding DJ/Emcee, not his equipment or music.  Enjoy your search.
Carlton McGee, President

Personal feelings: As an entertainer my fiance and I feel that an entertainer should be personable and be willing to actually call you.  After this occured, I looked up more reviews and other stated that he is unresponsive.  His behavior made me want to look elsewhere for DJ services. 

Just sharing my experenece. 

Re: McGee Entertainment

  • mrsmatsui-tbmrsmatsui-tb member
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    Thank you for posting this. We are still searching for a Dj. I will def keep this in mind.
  • GolfinBrideGolfinBride member
    edited December 2011

    WOW That's crazy!  Thank you for sharing.

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  • edited December 2011
    YIKES! Glad I did not go with them. I went with Event Sound. They worked with my budget, were the only ones that met with me in person, reponded quickly to any questions and have the Bose system.

    Best of luck to you and thanks for letting other brides be aware.
  • edited December 2011
    Wow, sorry for your unprofessional experience.  We explored about 5 different dj options and met with 3.

    Ultimately, we chose DJ Connection (Alan Franco).  We found him to be very professional,  knowledgable, very helpful with planning the order of activities for the day and he has a very large music library. 

    A little bit more cost wise, but we have no problem paying more for somebody professional.

    Good Luck with your search.

  • edited December 2011
    Thats insane! I'm glad we didn't go with them either - I've heard some bad stories about them and Y Entertainment. We chose to go with Jeffrey at D'Land. It was a little more pricer than I thought but after meeting wiht him we 'clicked' he was super nice and got me really excited about everything.
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    Sorry to hear that, and I'm glad I didn't go with them! My planner set up an appointment to meet with them, but after FI and I looked at their website we told her to cancel it. They were not what we were looking for!! We went with DJ Joey. He's nice, cool, and very receptive to what music we do and do not want played.
  • edited December 2011

    Wow, that is good to know. Thank you for the information. This is one DJ I won't be calling.

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