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Rehearsal Dinner location in Jacksonville

Anyone know of reasonable priced place for a rehearsal dinner in the Jacksonville area for about 25 people?

Re: Rehearsal Dinner location in Jacksonville

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    We are doing ours at Enza's Italian Resturant, Blue FIsh Jax is also reasonable - but we seemed to have gotten stuck with a horrible waitress during our visit so we opted to go with Enza's Italian off of San Jose in Mandarin they have amazing food and is super reasonable not to mention amazing staff. I highly recommend them. We'll have our meal there on the 2nd so I can let you know more after that, but we have eaten there before and we really like them.

    Edit - Our total headcount is 26 btw :)
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  • Thanks for the idea! We are having italian for our wedding though. I've had quite a few ideas about italian places, but I don't want that for both! ugh Thanks again! 
  • You could try river city brewing company as well. It was a bit out of our price range, or at least where I wanted to be but I've heard wonderful things about them. Maybe go for dinner at Blue Fish Jax and see if you like them - their prices were really reasonable, I just wish we had had a better waitress because she was really ultimately the reason why we opted not to do it there.

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  • amh04 - We are doing Enza's too but are picking up the food and taking it to our house.
  • We're getting married at the Hyatt and having our rehersal dinner there. If you contact them, they will allow you to have a pre-fixe menu so you can control the cost of what your guests order. The food there is really good.
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