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Parents Gifts with a FL Flair??

Hi all -

FI and I live in CT and are getting married up here, but his parents "winter" in St. Augustine, Florida and will be heading straight there until Thanksgiving after our October wedding, then they head back January through April.

We've been thinking about what to get our parents and since they LOVE their time in St. Auggie, I was wondering if there are any cool "experiences" down there that we could either schedule for them or get them a gift certificate.  We want to go a bit further than a favorite dinner place, any suggests?

THANKS so much!

Re: Parents Gifts with a FL Flair??

  • Kris092988Kris092988 member
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    edited December 2011
    Well there are plenty of opntions in St Augustine, with all of the museums and forts and attractions. However, most of these things are only fun the first (maybe 2nd) time. You definitely would need to know what they've been to, or what they are bored of, so as not to spend a bunch of money for something that they don't want to go to. Maybe a tour of downtown on a horsedrawn carriage (they are very popular in St Augustine). That's usualy not something that people would buy for themselves, but would be very enjoyable.
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    Thanks Kris!  I hear ya - they've had their place on the beach for about 6 years now, so they've certainly seen a lot.  A horsedrawn carriage WOULD be nice and I know they haven't done that before!  I was talking to FI about this and he thinsk we may have to think outside of St. Augustine now (for your same reason)...but we'll keep thinking!
  • edited December 2011
    We got engaged at the top of the lighthouse, and oddly, they've never been!  But for some reason, I feel odd giving them a tour of it to them as the wedding gift...hmmm...
  • Kris092988Kris092988 member
    Seventh Anniversary 100 Comments
    edited December 2011
    You could send them to the Jacksonville zoo, that's only about 45 minutes away =]
  • LouWho19LouWho19 member
    edited December 2011
    Dinner at at the Colombia would be nice - amazing Spanish restaurant in the heart of the historic district!
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