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Anyone know of any good reception venues in the Pensacola area?
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Re: Reception Venues

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    Hi there!

    Let me see if I can help..

    On Palafox, there is a new facility called "The Courtyard."  It's gated and it looks like they tried to make it a little bit like a mediterranean villa or something. I like it from the outside!  I think they redid the inside.

    Downtown Pensacola, there is My Space.  Basically it a historic building that they gutted and made into a party facility.  It has multiple large rooms for roaming, awesome old brick walls, and plenty of space for dancing, tables, and mingling.  There's also a full bar area to serve drinks or appetizers.  

    There's also the Garden Center on 9th Ave.  It's kind of like a community garden center facility. Nice on the outside...a little bit of woodlands around it, but I think pretty plain on the inside. Simple, but nice.  

    Then of course, there's hotel ball rooms and such, like Hilton Garden Inn at the beach.  There you would have the option of holding your reception outdoors if you like, or you can do it inside.  

    And then, somewhere down where the old bayfront auditorium used to me (de luna???)  Hmmm, not quite sure, but they built a facility by the docks near the water.  Maybe someone can help me with the name. Worse case scenario. I can google it. :)

    Downtown, there's also New World Landing Restaurant.  They have a very nice large facility that's already decorated and has a sound system etc.  Very  nice.

    A great advantage to holding your reception at a restaurant is that it generally seems to lower your overall reception cost because many times the site fee is wrapped into the per head fee.

    Anyway, I can help you think of other places if you need me to.  Those are some that immediately jump out at me. :)
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