Alterations Express Fairlawn nightmare

Do not allow Alterations Express in Fairlawn touch your wedding gown. They did the alterations on my daughter-in-law's dress and almost everything they did was wrong. They made the dress too long, they put cap sleeves on the dress with hooks that kept falling off and they took the pick-up tucks out of the dress (when the bride didn't want them out) and then put them back in; they fell out at the reception! We took the dress back and showed them and they blamed it all on my daughter-in-law!

When you take a wedding gown to a professional they should give you advice about customary length and how cap sleeves should be sewn in rather than hooks. If you have no reason to take the sleeves off, why are they temporary with hooks. As a comsumer you put all of your trust in professionals, and in this case they had no idea what they were doing. I believe they have no experience with wedding attire and should not be working on wedding gowns. Beware of Alterations Express! Their solution: they want to fix the dress now, after the wedding! Wow, does that tell you anything about how this company operates? With a wedding gown, you have one chance to make it right. Offering to fix it after the fact just adds insult to injury!

We give Alterations Express in Fairlawn a D-. By the way, they have no accredition with the Better Business Bureau but the BBB gives them a C- rating!!

Re: Alterations Express Fairlawn nightmare

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    i believe your daughter-in-law already posted about this...9 posts down
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    I'm sorry that it was a bad experience ... but my opinion? - The bride posted a bad review and both SIL and MIL rave about how bad it is too?  Ouch.  I'd really really want people telling me how great I looked and how not noticeable it was if it's something I felt bad about anyway. 
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    The point of this message board is to get the message out. Good experiences and bad with vendors are one of the benefits. If you are a good and honest vendor with nothing to hide then you get great reviews and reap the benefits. This vendor did not do a good job. After the fact, they refused to make things right. Another point of this board is to make sure others don't have the same bad experience you did.

    The "ouch" comment is way off base. Our concerns were for other brides who may go to Alterations and have the same bad experience.

    Our daughter-in-law was beautiful on her wedding day and nothing could have taken that away. We love her and she knows that! She shouldn't have had to worry about anything that day, much less her wedding gown.

    My daughter responded to her post because many of the "knotties" were making comments after the fact that she should not have taken her dress to Alterations Express. They advertise, they are a national chain...why should she have known? In reality, one would  have more recourse with a national chain! Our comments were in support of my daughter-in-law because we "lived it" with her that day. I fixed her sleeves, her bridesmaids pinned up her hem from underneath! No onein attendance at the wedding knew anything was wrong...

    These posts were to alert others and if we have to repost them once a week we will. No one should have to go through this.

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    thanks for the heads up everyone, and i'm sorry everyone dealt with such nightmares. it's sad to hear since i used to work as the front end girl at the Niles location and those ladies did fantastic work. if you are in that area try them and ask for Beverly or Carmela. if i had a nickel for every girl that came in sobbing because of what the David's Bridal down the street screwed up... we were constantly fixing their mistakes.
    i don't know if the other AE's in NE Ohio are owned by the Rondinellis or not (the ones in the Youngstown area are), but our shop did great work.
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