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Guest Accommodations around Seaside, FL

Hello everyone.

My June 2013 wedding will take place at Bentleys on the Bay in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Since the venue is bayside, I'd like my guests (and myself!) to stay on the gulf side around Seaside for the days leading up to the wedding. 
I do not want to reserve a group of condos or cottages since I do not know everyones budgets for their accommodations. I'd like to give my guests the option to rent a house, cottage, condo, etc based upon their own budget. We are expecting around 100 people to make the trip from Indiana/Ohio for the occasion. 
I plan on making a list on our wedding website, but what would be the best way to go about recommending places to stay for our guests? 
Should I find a travel agent and direct them that way, or find venues on my own and list on the website? 
Thank you for all your recommendations!!
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