Dance Lessons on West Side?


I am thinking of doing dance lessons the week of the wedding with at least my bridesmaids- maybe just one night- and wondered if anyone could recommend a place?


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Re: Dance Lessons on West Side?

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    Maybe contact American Ballroom Centre on Ridge Rd. in Parma to see if they'd set up a custom, one-session class for you?

    DH and I took group ballroom and swing classes thru the city of Brook Park's rec. dept. and one of their instructors was from ABC. It was tons of fun!
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    I'm taking dance lessons now at American Ballroom Center. They have lots of patience with my fiance, and the instructors are nice.

    They have a gift certificate you can buy for $100 (meant to be for you and your fiance) that's 3 private lessons, 1 group lesson, and 1 practice lesson (they put on a "dance" Friday nights). We opted for more lessons (he's a terrible dancer but I love him).

    They do group lessons, but I'm not sure how much.

    My instructor is great, but I would recommend the guy (sorry, don't remember his name). He's a little tough, but he makes sure you're doing the right moves. He taught the last group lesson we attended, and it really helped.
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