Hey! I know a couple months ago you posted some tips and recommendations for spray tanning. Unfortunately I didn't save them then and I am going for a trial spray tan in a couple weeks. Can you give me some prep tips, as well as where you went. I'm pretty sure you said you had a great experience. Also, I heard that I shouldn't wear deodorent for a week before because the spray tan will turn it green. Any truth to that?Thanks!!
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    LOL. Um, I wore deodorant the day before and the day after I was spray tanned, and no green pits for me! You can check the siggy pic! But that's really funny. I went to Scottsdale Spray Tan (Old Town Scottsdale), and explained it was for my wedding (DH went, too) and that I wanted to look pretty natural. They did a fantastic job, and I would go back in a second. I do recommend doing a trial run, so that you know on what day it looks best, and so that you can see how it fades and if you like the color. Before you go, shower and exfoliate thoroughly -be sure to get the knees, elbows, ankles, armpits, etc. I used a scrub, and that seemed to work really well. DO NOT put on any lotions, perfumes or deodorants before going to get sprayed, they can make the solution stick and look blotchy. You can go naked or wear underwear that you don't care about getting ruined, and that give you "tan" lines that you're ok with. The girls who spray you are used to it, and are done pretty quickly. They'll tell you not to shower for something like 6 hours, but I recommend sleeping in it before you shower. The color gets darker as the hours pass. When you do shower, the excess and bronzer will come off, and you'll see it go down the drain, but don't worry, you'll still have color. If you use lotions, use sparingly, and try not to exfoliate, or the color will not last as long. You'll see the color start to fade as the days pass. For me, it lasted about a week, getting progressively lighter each day. This is why I recommend doing a trial run first, so you know on which day you like the color the best. For example, I went on Wednesday to get sprayed, and the wedding was Saturday. So I was super tan on Thursday or my bachelorette, pretty tan for the RD and the perfect color on the wedding day. But that's me, you may be totally different. I've never done the booths, they scare me, but people have told me great things about them! (I picture Ross from friends. "I'm an EIGHT!?!?") Good luck!!
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    Celcius' account of the Scottsdale Spray Tan is accurate & I can vouch for it because I had it done in June for my fiance's 30th birthday pool party. Because I had not seen the sun since last summer, I asked for a natural colored spray tan & it turned out great!!! Everyone at the pool thought it was a natural tan & it didn't look orange or streaky whatsoever (it didn't smell like DHA either). Although Celcius' account is thorough (I also slept with the tan overnight & showered in the morning so the color would be richer), I have one one word of advice- if you don't want the color to fade don't go swimming. The chlorine strips the color so quickly that my tan only lasted 2-3 days. P.S. I also wore deodorant after my tan & it was fine, no green to report.
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    What ever you do DONT WEAR WHITE after! My SIL did this and found out the hard way. Also if you sweat because of the heat, oh gosh!
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    That's a really good point, actually. I was instructed to wear dark, loosely-fitting clothing to and from getting sprayed. You have a few minutes to dry in the salon, and it WILL NOT come off on your wedding dress, or your sheets that night for that matter. But, loose, dark clothes are your friend. :)
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    Thanks everyone. I called and left a message, so hopefully they'll call me back so I can make an appointment. Hopefully I won't sweat it off as soon as I walk out the door. lol
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