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It doesn't look like my budget can accomodate a makeup artist. I've decided to do my makeup myself - I can justify spending money on a product that I can keep. My question is this - how do the makeup counters work (MAC, etc)? Are you obligated to buy something (or are they annoyed if you don't)? I could really use some help on choosing products that work well on me, as well as advice on how to do my makeup for pics. I just don't know if I can tell them that. I'm not sure I'm making any sense... :)

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    I know that a lot of the places will do your makeup day of if you purchase so much of their merchandise.I love the work that MAC does, but they have gotten really weird about their policy.  The last time I went there they tried to tell me I needed to buy $80 worth of makeup, but I think the salesperson was trying to rip me off.  I would go to a popular department store so you can go to each makeup place and get an estimate.  If you find one you really like, you might be able to bargain with them by saying the place next door only requires you to buy x amount.If you do choose to do the makeup yourself, I would advise wearing something much heavier and dramatic than you are used to. (Even if you are going for a natural look) Otherwise,  you photographs will look washed out.
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    Thanks for the advice! I don't mind doing my own make up the day of, I just want some tips on how to play it up and make it heavier. I'll probably just tell them that and see what they say. I guess the worst thing would be that I don't buy anything and they don't like me and I never see them again. :)
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    I know that with MAC if you're making an appointment on a Fri-Sun I believe it's either $50 worth of product.  If you walk in and have them do it, there's no price commitment, same if you make an appointment Mon-Thursday, at least last time I set it up at the MAC at Scottsdale Fashion Square.
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    Ditto what Jennifer said for MAC. I don't want to sound vendor-y, but I work at Dolce Salon & Spa so if you want to email me nsplusjk at gmail dot com, I can tell you about our makeup artists & pricing.
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    One of my friends actually went to the L'ancome makeup counter on the day of her wedding and they did it free. I think she did buy the lip gloss they put on her tho. However, I think the mall is the last place I'd like to be on my wedding day? 
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    I had my make up done in 07 & 08 for weddings I was a BM in. Both times I had it done at MAC & LOVED the outcome! If you make your appt. ahead of time (which I STRONGLY suggest you do-BTW the earliest they will take an appt. is 2 months in advance) you are required to purchase $50 worth of product. I can tell you I spent about $100 both times though. But in my opinion their make-up is def. worth the price. But if you are just going there for products & advice there is no minimum purchase requirement, although I'm sure they will try & get you to buy everything they suggest! I'd go to MAC tell them you're looking for your wedding day look & go from there. If they give you a make over & you don't like the outcome then you def. do not have to buy their products. GL & sry for the rambling :)
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    At Dillard's MAC rents space and charges $50+.  Lancome charges $50 I believe.  Clinique is free, and I had my engagement portrait makeup done there.  I spoke with the Clinique girl and she said it's crap that the other counters charge because they're supposed to do it for free (other than MAC because they rent space at the department stores).
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