Hydrangea - Soo excited :)

...So I stopped by the Albertsons yesterday to pick up something and I don't ever shop there because there isn't  one close to me... and I they were selling Hydrangeas! They were 3 for $12.99. I bought white and pink, so this weekend I'm planning to create centerpieces that I will make for our reception. I'm so excited because I didn't think that I could find them anywhere.. or maybe I'm out of loop.. do you guys know any stores that actually sell them year round?Just felt like sharing in case any of you other ladies like hydrangeas :)Have a wonderful weekend!

Re: Hydrangea - Soo excited :)

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    Costco does - I bought my mom some big gorgeous white ones from there, along with some lavendar spider mums and made her a bouquet from them.
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    Hey! That's great news, I wonder if they continue to carry them in stock. Somewhere else you might want to check is Mayesh. It's a wholesale floral warehouse that a lot of florists in town order from. There are two locations in the valley. One in Chandler & one in Phoenix. You might be able to order bunches of the exact color & breed of hydrangea you're looking for. One thing I never thought of when it comes to DIY floral arrangements, be careful what temperatures you store them in. FE, moving the flower in & out of the hot sun then cold AC'd room then even a colder refrigerator is pretty "shocking" to the flowers. Another thing, the refrigerator or cooler you store your arrangements in shouldn't contain any food items in it. I guess the food gives off gases that could turn the flowers a different color or make them die more quickly. Anyhow, I had no idea about these tidbits & when I heard I thought I should share. Have fun with the mock arrangements this weekend! :o)
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    It really is amazing how much you can find just by going to the grocery store! A couple weeks ago my FI found gladiolas on sale at Fry's and we loved them so much we've decided to include those as our ceremony flowers.
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