What would you do? (Long, sorry)

So the venue we've chosen (in Sedona) has not given me the best customer service and has been really difficult for our guests. Guests have been told to call back 3+ times to book their reservations bc of a system being down. The resort changed our room block code without telling us. I only found out from a guest who called to tell me that the front desk gave them a different code. I had to call the company doing our save the dates to have them changed because of this. Now, I've been notified of several awful reviews on trip advisor claiming our hotel to be infested with cockroaches!!!! There are other complaints as well but this is the most significant. I called and spoke with the GM today and went over all of the issues we've had. We've been booked with them since January, so this is not a few incidents, this is 9 months of crappy service So, our save the dates have already gone out (this is a destination wedding over a holiday weekend) with the hotel/venue info. And 20 rooms have already been booked. We really were excited about this location, but now I can't stop thinking about how upset I'll be if I hear that our guests who are travelling so far get here to find cockroaches in their rooms. While changing our date/venue is DEFINITELY not ideal, I don't know how to put away these fears. And yes, I know there's never going to be a guarantee on anything - weather, bugs, etc. Anything can happen but I feel like knowing about this and doing nothing is a HUGE risk. I did some homework today and there are a few venues available. The GM at our venue has offered us a free night to stay at the venue to see the room for ourselves. He also said he will give us our security deposit back. I know it would be a slight inconvenience for our guests to change their accomodations, but I also feel like it's 8 months out, and definitely for a good reason. What would you do?

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    I would change it.  You probably have most people's phone numbers or email addresses, so contacting them shouldn't be too difficult.  I would explain your concerns to them.  I wouldn't be surprised if at the first mention cockroaches people agree to change hotels.  You are probably investing a lot in your wedding, and you deserve to be happy about it. Good luck!
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    Wow, that is a really tough situation. I'd say go with your gut feeling. If you are feeling really uneasy about things, which you must be to write this post, then I would probably vote to change the venue if you're willing to do so. If you do want to go check out the venue, I actually would NOT let them know in advance that you're coming and see if you can stay in a room as a regular guest. If you stay and they know you're coming in advance, they'll be paying careful attention to give you VIP treatment, which is great and all, but probably won't give a realistic view of how your guests will be treated. Again, though, I'd go by what your instincts are telling you, because in my experience they always serve me well. = ) Good luck! Julie
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    I have to echo the "go with your gut" sentiment, or you are going to give yourself an ulcer by the time the wedding is here. Just to clarify, if you change venues, no one is going to lose any money, correct (I mean, besides the venue)? They're going to return your security deposit, and your guests won't be charged? In my mind, then you have nothing to lose 8 months out, except sleep over this.It wouldn't be a bad idea to get what you and the GM discussed in writing if you can - maybe send the him an email recapping what the two of you discussed and get confirmation before you act on it. It's a small inconvenience, sure, but totally worthwhile.
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