Black Tie Events

Has anyone ever dealt with them? If so, how did it go?

Re: Black Tie Events

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    I think most weddings are at least semi-formal and most attendees will understand that in terms of dress.  By etiquette, the more formal your invitation style, the more formal the wedding.  You don't necessarily need to put "Black Tie" unless you have some family and friends who truly won't get the hint. At my wedding, the groom and GM will all be wearing tuxes.  The dads and officiant will also be in tuxes.  
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    I think you are probably referring to the Bartending service, Black Tie Events, am I right? If so, I do not know much about them, but I do highly recommend Pour Masters. They are another bartending service and I have used them probably hundreds of times (I used to plan events when I lived in Phoenix, I really do not throw that many parties on my own, haha). They are wonderful and if I needed a bartending service I would not even think about using anyone else. Maybe some one else on here can give you more feedback on the company you are asking about!
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    Oops!  Sorry about that, guess I should've read the question closer!  ;-)
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