We Are Almost There!

I know there are a handful of us getting married in the next week or so. How many days out are you? What do you all have left to do? Any last minute stresses or problems? I'll start: I'm 9 days out, and I still need to make the bridal party jewelry, buy all the food, get a marriage license, and make sure I've talked to everyone about the timeline, etc. Things are going smoothly now, but about two weeks ago we had a few last minute problems! The DJ didn't have a certificate of liability, my decorations were a mess, and my DOC cancelled. I'm glad things are all coming together now though. Your turn :)

Re: We Are Almost There!

  • shellybethshellybeth member
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    I'm not quite as close as you, but a little more than a month away! I still need to get some details figured out and start paying my vendors, blah.
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    I have 30 days today!  My MIL is STILL trying to do last minute invites.  No No No!!!  ;-)Good luck next week!  Stay calm and have a blast!  :-D
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    I've got 2 days to go!  AHHHH!!  I really don't have too much left to do...I have paper lanterns to line the aisle chairs, so I need to put those together and tie the ribbons on, I'm getting a mani and pedi tomorrow, and I think that's it!  I got a ton done today: we got our license, bought alcohol and delivered all that, picked up my dress, picked up the boys shirts from the dry cleaners.  I feel like I'm missing something, but I've always have tomorrow!
  • kellytupkellytup member
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    9 days...The place cards.  I plan on doing these tomorrow night as I have to take all my decorations on Sunday to my friend who is decorating for me.  The seating chart is pretty much done but we've had some people cancel and decide to come at the last minute.  So I've been waiting for to finalize that.Otherwise, I bought the last of the candy for the c. buffet today and I just have to get my nails done next week and wrap the bm gifts.
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