Spa suggestions for bachelorette

I'm trying to plan a spa outing for a friend's bachelorette party. Any suggestions on spas that cater to groups, have a private room/offer wine or anything special for a celebration? There will be 6 or 7 of us.

Or, I was trying to think of somewhere resort-ish where we could stay the night and all I came up with was Nemacolin, and I know we can't afford that! Are there any nice spas in hotels in the area? 


Re: Spa suggestions for bachelorette

  • Not sure if it's still there or the prices but there use to be a nice salon/spa in Tower City. There is a hotel there & the casino & lots of places to eat in the area.

    Another idea is try Imagine Hair Salon in Willoughby (they let us bring in champagne while got ready on my wedding day so they might let you bring in wine for bachlorette event) If you book it early enough they can probably coordinate the schedule so you can all get your nails done at the same time (or together in groups) and hair, etc. For overnight stay check out http://www.homesteadhousebb.com which is about 2 minute drive from Salon or 5-10 minute if weather is nice. Cute rooms, nice common areas, all the rooms have private baths & they have a fabulous breakfast in the morning. Then in the evening you have a great selection of resturants/bars for an evening out. They are within a 2-5 minute walk from the Bed & Breakfast. Don't worry about the noise from the bars, you won't hear it at the b&b. If you're not into the bar scene, you can just go back to b&b hang out on couches in common area & drink some wine chat the night away. There is a wine store 5 minute walk in case you run out.

    I stayed there the night before my wedding and really enjoyed my visit there.

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