Dress regret

I was one of those idiots that got caught up in the wedding dress process. I bought mine in November 2010 and my wedding is in October 2012.

Anywho, I'm seriously regretting it now. It was an Oleg Cassini that was originally $1500, I paid $500, and I'm hoping to sell for $300. I just feel like it's too heavy and old looking. I wanted something more flowy and sexy.

My question is, does anyone know of any shops that have dresses around $500, besides David's Bridal? Maybe I'll shop around and realize I really love my dress after all.

Re: Dress regret

  • Strut in central Phoenix has a reasonably priced selection. Can you post pics of your dress? Maybe alterations would help?
  • I think Strut is more for full-figured brides. They do have a nice selection though!

    It's not the fit. It's sweetheart neckline and fit and flare. Which I love. It's the material. It's brocade and just seems so....old now. I always wanted something more light, like organza. I should have listened when everyone said it was too soon LOL.
  • Try the Almond Tree in North Phoenix. I have a friend who went there and had a great experience and found a dress for around $300. Good luck! (website:
  • I'm going to set up an appointment with them Thanks!

    I'm also going to try Azteca. I know it's not the best place but hopefully I can find stuf on their sales racks.
  • I second Almond Tree. My future sister-in-law bought her dress there for $400. It was a great experience!
  • Oh, you may consider consigning your first dress at Almond Tree too. If it's still new with tags, they will try to sell it for 65% of the original price and then they split the profits with you 50/50. I took a dress in to sell last week after having no luck on and Craigs List. The anticipated that it would sell quickly.
  • I got a dress at the Almond Tree, it does have a nice selection and some dresses are under 500
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  • Thanks everyone!
    My dress has the tags but the markdown is written on it. It was originally $1050 and we paid $500.
  • I got my dress at almond tree for $300 and I love it, the store has great customer service and really works with you. Note that if you need alterations don't go with their lady I have heard bad things about her :) Happy shopping.
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  • You could also try Brilliant Bridal  in Mesa- they have a smaller selection but had some really beautiful gowns for less $$
  • Dasni, I'm pretty sure Almond Tree consigns based on the full retail price, not the sale price you paid. I bought my first dress off of ebay as an Allure sample and only paid $130. However, they are consigning the dress for close to $800. It's worth considering... I tried selling my dress on Craigs List and with no luck. They told me my lace gown was in high demand and they predicted that it would sell within a month.
  • Oh, awesome! That's good to know. I'm going to put it everywhere I can if they won't accept it.
  • I second Brilliant Bridal in Mesa. I got my dress there, a Maggie Sotero, for around $500.
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