Engagement pics!!! (PIP)

So our wonderfully talented photographer posted a sneak peak of our pictures on her blog today! It is just a small taste of the pictures we took because we did 200+, but she picked some favorites and posted them for me to see. I will get my CD in a few weeks with them all.

We went out to the ghost town on the way to Canyon Lake by the Superstition Mountains for the shoot.

Take a look and let me know what you think, her blog is found here:

We are the most recent photo shoot titled Wes & Darlene ♥ Love shoot.

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Re: Engagement pics!!! (PIP)

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    Gorgeous!   I was wondering why her site looked familiar and then I saw the second post where she mentioned working with Noyan Photography...  I think I saw her pics on facebook.  =)

    They look great!
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    Those turned out great! 
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    Your pics are beautiful! The setting is awesome.
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    Thanks guys :)

    She was awesome... and I'm so pumped to get my CD with all the pictures. She just gave me that little taste to try tie me over until she gets done LOL

    I am sooo impatient!
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