Live Stream a Wedding?

I've heard there are places where you can hook a webcam or something into a computer and broadcast it live on some sites. I've seen a couple that do that and a couple for weddings and events, but NONE for free and people keep telling me there are free sites...

I really want to figure out how to live stream my wedding since so much of my family won't be there... Best friend moved back to India, in-laws in Pakistan and Bangladesh, family in the UK, friends stationed overseas in various places for military work... And they'll all miss it otherwise.  If anyone has advice, it would be much appreciated. Especially if there are videographers that livestream in Phoenix.

Re: Live Stream a Wedding?

  • I wish I could be of more help.  There is an option to use Skype?   You can run video using your computer, and have people on a group call.   Its basically a free service you can use to do video chatting, but its one way to let your family see the wedding. 
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