Has anyone seen...

a dollar dance? I had never heard of it before until i went to a friend's wedding last weekend. Is it an AZ thing?

Re: Has anyone seen...

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    Some friends of mine did this for their wedding. We're not having one at ours because people have already spent so much money!
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    I saw one at my FI's Brother's wedding. It was cute. Not sure if we'll include that for ours.
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    I have seen it at a few.  I don't think it's a AZ thing necessarily, I think its more of a Texas/Southern thing, but maybe I'm wrong.  I am not doing one at mine, because I would feel uncomfortable.
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    definitely not an AZ thing! my parents' families are from Illinois and they have all done the dollar dance at their weddings. it's supposed to help the couple get started financially or for luck i think. my cousin got enough from her dollar dance to pay for almost half of her honeymoon (keep in mind, HUGE family). i'm really uncomfortable with that "tradition" so i'm going to avoid it at all costs, but since my family is going to be expecting the dollar dance, i'm thinking of possibly replacing it with a wishing well sorta thing.
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    We did it at ours.. I did not feel uncomfortable doing it what-so-ever  . . we had my MOH collect for the groom and the BM collect for the bride.. and played two songs.

    IT was a great way to dance with people that would normally not come up to you and ask you to dance on your wedding day. . .  It was also a good opportunity to take that 1-2 min dancing with the individual to really thank them personally for attending your big day. .  traveling so far . . or other special things they had done for you while you were dancing with them.

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    I've seen the dollar dance at almost every wedding I've been to.  I think we will do it because I have always enjoyed participating in it at others' weddings.  It's true- you do get a chance to dance with people you normally wouldn't get a chance to dance with.  And if there's any discomfort about the money aspect, remember that it is only $1- and it is also a completely optional dance, people don't have to participate.  Also, because it is somewhat traditional, most people expect it.
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