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Phoenix Reviews

I got married in Vegas last month, but used some Phoenix services. Thought I'd share my experiences. Hope these are helpful.

Dress: Uptown Bridal: A+

I loved my experience here. I never experienced any pressure selling and felt attended to completely. This place carried Stephanie James dresses, but I definitely couldn’t afford the prices for those. But they had dresses of  similar styles in a lower price point available as well. I loved the staff here. They were sweet and extremely professional. Their customer service was outstanding and I have to say, that was a big reason I wanted to buy a dress here. Th I also ended up buying one of my hair accessories here as well. They had a unique selection and made the effort to make this purchase feel really special, which meant a lot to me. I highly recommend checking out this shop!

Dance Lessons: John McAttee from Let’s Dance Arizona A+
We found John through Group On. He teaches in Scottsdale and Central Phoenix all throughout the week.  We learned East Coast Swing from private and group lessons. He was willing to focus his group lessons around swing right before our scheduled private lessons to help us  get maximum practice time in. He frequently has deals on his website for individual and group lessons. Definitely check out his dance instruction! He’s a great instructor and really tailored his instruction to our abilities. He gave us lots of options and helped us become more comfortable for the big day!!!  We were told we had the best “first dance” at Maggiano’s they have ever seen by their coordinator. Such a compliment considering we had never danced together like this before and they see multiple weddings each week! We enjoyed his lessons so much we still attend them. We are still attending group swing dance and salsa  lessons! I couldn’t be happier with his services, he helped discover how much we enjoy dancing together!

Sandra Denley, www.alterationsetc.net/">www.alterationsetc.net B+
I enjoyed working with Sandra, however I felt a bit rushed with her in every meeting. I think she did overall a good job, but I did notice some issues with my dress, not major, but enough for me to notice. I noticed that the belt on my dress, the gems on it were loosened a great deal, as if the belt had been roughly handled. They did not look like this when I brought it to her. Also, I noticed the fabric on the front of my dress was worn in a way  that looked like it had been snagged a great deal. It was in a couple of spots, I’m certain I was the only person to notice, but considering how much money I paid for her to only alter the top of my dress, I did not love the fact that it was returned to me with imperfections like that. The overall tailoring was fine and Sandra is extremely sweet. I did not like feeling rushed especially after making an appointment.

Re: Phoenix Reviews

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    Pictures!!!!! Please :-)
    Thanks for the reviews!
  • guamibearguamibear member
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    Thank you! Check my bio for pictures. :)
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    I'm surprised to hear that you had a few issues with Sandra...  I picked up my dresses last night and they were both perfect!  I never felt rushed with her at all, even though she had a really bad headache last night, she still took her time to make sure I was happy with both dresses and all the work she did.

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    Syndelin-Yeah, I made appointments with her each time and especially when I was picking up my dress, there was another bride waiting right after me. Not that I required so much time, but for the money paid, I would liked if she had scheduled that a bit better where I didn't feel rushed.
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